Unable to install efax Messenger Plus for non-admin user under Win XP pro

I can't figure out, how to get efax Messenger Plus working for non-amdin users. I install it under an admin account, and configure it without any problems. When I switch to a non-admin account, and launch efax, it wants to install itself again. I have tried the Run as... admin option within a non-admin user account, and even gave admin rights temporarly, but there seems to be no way around this.

efax support section is almost nonexisting, and doesn't mention anyhting about install problems.
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Not sure about that, but 1 solution is to use the eFax  "WebFax" interface.
Nothing to install (less problems) and universal access!

Just a thought,  Good Luck!

I had the same problem wth Efax Messenger. The solution for me (weird but it worked), was to run Efax in compatibility mode (Windows 98)

If it isnt that, the problem may be that it is trying to write to the disk for some reason. Check where you installed efax, and make sure you havent ticked 'Read only' in the Limited account.#

Hpe tht helps


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Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
Find a different faxing program , I know there are a lot of them out there !
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Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
Try and search on www.downloads.com and see if you can find any free ones to try out first ! Just to make sure it works.
mloossAuthor Commented:
Mike1901, was the only gave a usefull hint.

This is supposed to be an expert forum. None of the other answer are any useful at all. I have done my research, and decided on efax, so please try to answer the question, and not recommending other solutions. After all, my question was not which fax solution works best for non-admin users under Windows XP?

I have awarded all points to Mike1901.
A little hint.

If you had come back to the question and said that eirlier someone might have stopped by to help you further.  If you don't respond to the experts comments people think your one of the many who don't care.
Quote: "I have done my research, (and decided on efax), so please try to answer the question, and not recommending other solutions. After all, my question was not which fax solution works best for non-admin users under Windows XP?"

This is one type of solution^

I ran into this today and decided to try a radical approach... I downloaded and installed the program as the non privileged user. For some unknown reason this program installed while logged in as someone other than an administrator, though I don't know why. My end user is thrilled, and I thought I would pass this along.
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