Use CreateProcess And send WM_COPYDATA message

Hi ,
I have a process A to which i need to send WM_COPYDATA messages thru windows SendMessageTimeout api.
I first check whether the process is already running. If not, it first starts the process A.
I am using CreateProcess windows api to create the process. after the process is created i send a WM_COPYDATA message to the process. To get the handle of the process once it is created i tried following methods:

1) Get the handle from the ProxessInformation structure (pi) passed to the CreateProcess method as it contains the proxess handle once the process is created.

pOtherWnd = (HWND)pi.hProcess;

2) Get the handle of the process by using windows FindWindow api.

The problem is that the first time after the process is created, the OnCopyData() method in the process A is not getting called. From next time on (i.e. when the process A is found to be running already and no CreateProcess is called) the OnCopyData() method is called successfully.

Any ideas?

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Try calling WaitForInputIdle() between CreateProcess() and FindWindow().

"The WaitForInputIdle function enables a thread to suspend its execution until the specified process has finished its initialization and is waiting for user input with no input pending. This can be useful for synchronizing a parent process and a newly created child process."

See for full details.

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swapnil001Author Commented:
Thanks Richie, it works !! :)
Happy to help!  8-)
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