Promoting a BDC to PDC and now Server manager shows the servers grayed out on the former PDC now BDC.

I promoted my BDC to a PDC. Now when I look at the server manager on the BDC it shows the some workstation and servers as grayed out as if it was turned off.. I can double click on them and they pulls up the properties just fine. I can shares on it, whos logged in ect. If I go to the PDC formerly the BDC it show the computers as on.. not grayed. I also had a problem with a server couple days ago and had to remove it from the domain and then I re-added it. I re-added it with different name. I tried to remove the old name and it says what it normally says.. the computer has been removed from the doman, even though it is still showing it will be removed in at least 15 minutes.  It isnt going away and its been few days now. The new server name shows up grayed out as I stated above and the old is still showing as not grayed but I cant pull of any properties on it, it says its not on the network wich it isnt..  
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ChipM0nk JGLeaderCommented:
The problem may be coming from a different machine.  Verify that your old PDC is not still acting as the master browser.  You might have to reboot your DCs.  

Make sure that your WINS machine is operating correctly - for example, if it was on the server you removed, it might be that you need to install the WINS service on your new PDC.

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SplunkerAuthor Commented:
WINS is on the server I demoted, but I didnt remove it from domain, I will try and reboot both DCs and see if that takes care of it.
ChipM0nk JGLeaderCommented:
Chances are that some of your boxes are using your WINS and others are using the browser.

Check that your WINS is up and running properly, then run a "scavenge" in the WINS db.  

Check all of your static IP machines (servers mostly I suppose) and make sure that they have the WINS server and a good DNS server in their IP configuration.

Finally, make sure that in your DHCP settings you have your nodes setup as NetBIOS hybrid nodes - the value for this is 0x08 - and that your WINS and DNS settings are properly included in your scope options.
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