Obtain an instance of a windows service in .NET

I wrote a windows service using c#.  It communicates with my application using .net remoting.  I can obtain an instance of my service using .net remoting, however using the methods is too much slower than doing the method within the application.

Is there a way to obtain an instance of the service so I can execute its methods directly?  I know I can get a ServiceController object based on the service name.  Is there a way for my application to get the instance itself, so that I can execute

Or is remoting the only way?
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Modify the service to respond to custom messages and use ControlService() to pass them:

lynx2sw1Author Commented:
I had thought those custom message parameters were only integers, without a control value.  I want to pass in other things than intts, a

I am coding in C#.  But I followed your link and it gave me the idea to try to use kernal32 in my c#.  
[DllImport("advapi32.dll", EntryPoint="OpenService")] public static extern int OpenServiceA(int hSCManager, string lpServiceName, int dwDesiredAccess)
Well, yes, you have to use OpenService() to get a handle to the service to tell ControlService() which service's control handler to send the message to.  The value of the message would tell the service which method to call.

Perhaps you could use object serialization for passing data.  If you don't have too many object types to pass, the custom control code could be used to specify both method and object.

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