MFC CRecordset Delete gives a debug assertion failed mesage in runtime.

I am writeing a program in Visual C++ (Console based with MFC support) for database. I try to delete recode from the *.mdb file but it gives me a dubeg assertion error during runtime. I can open the record. I tried to debug and found that Assert(FALSE) happens in SetFieldNull(....) function inside dbcore.cpp file. After program fails, I can see the successful deletion in the *.mdb file. Can anyone help me to solve this debug Assert message.
Here is the code that I wrote in MFC/Visual C++.

CDatabase db;
CString strConnection = _T("Driver=Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb);"
db.OpenEx(_T(strConnection), CDatabase::noOdbcDialog);
CRecordset rs(&db);
rs.Open(CRecordset::dynaset,_T("SELECT * FROM Table1")); //, CRecordset::none);

if(rs.IsEOF() || !rs.CanUpdate() || !rs.CanTransact())
       return nRetCode;

CString varValue;      
short nFields = rs.GetODBCFieldCount();

         for(short index = 0; index < nFields; index++)
      rs.GetFieldValue(index, varValue);                          
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if (m_nFields <= 0)
      ASSERT(FALSE); // <----

I take it that is what you are referring to as the assertion point.  

If not, you could read

jayvat27Author Commented:
I could not undersatand what you trying to say.. Can you explain it in detail. Do you mean that I have to take out the ASSERT(FALSE) code line from the dbcore.cpp file? I also read the link that does not relate to my problem. I am getting Assertion falilure when I try to delete record.
Can you please help me more on it..
Thanks in advance.
Jayvat27, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  What I was saying is the the line that is asserting is being caused by the

 if (m_nFields <= 0)

evaluating to true.  So if you look in the dbcore.cpp file, see what m_nFields is, then see what in your code could possibly cause that to be the case.  That will give you the answer.
Surya BobbadhiTechnical ConsultantCommented:
    The problem which you are reffering to is not because of deletion. After deleting the record, you are calling rs.MoveNext(). After deleting the last record if you call MoveNext the application gives assertion. Please try to check for EOF condition before calling MoveNext.


I think this will solve your problem.


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