configuring Samba to bridge networks

I current have 3 small networks.  On the edge of 2 of them sit window 2k3 servers, and on the 3rd sits Mr. Samba.  Everything works fine and dandy in a fail-safe world where the internet is up and running.  However, upon a glick in the network the entire Samba subnet can no longer do anything network related, including connecting to the samba server in the same subnet.

I've looked over the smbd.conf file, and believe my problem to be "security = server".  From what I understand, this passes all authentication requests immediately to the DC.  However, when i set it to domain, nothing works.

I appreciate any help one can give me helping Samba retain some information, or at least allow users to connect from the local subnet even though there isn't a link to the DC.

Thanks in advance!

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   What's the "password server = ?" in smb.conf?
Can you ping the password server from your Samba machine? If not, then fix this the network connection between samba
server and password server first.

   You can set "security" to "user" and "share" to allow users connect without a link to DC.

A V GeorgeAdditional General ManagerCommented:
- In your Samba smbd.conf what have you set your os level=?
elbarroAuthor Commented:
Avgavg, I havent added a line w/ os level = x
security = server so that smb has permission to see netowrk resources.

>  I havent added a line w/ os level
os level = 33 by default. You don't need to set it if you don't have this line.

> a glick in the network
What happen?

A V GeorgeAdditional General ManagerCommented:
Hi elbarro, specifying os level in smb.conf will help to control (to some extent) which machine wins master browser elections whenever a PC or server comes back on the network after a network crash.

Can you post your smb.conf file contents? That will give us a lot more information about your setup at one go.

When you say you have '3 small networks' do you mean each small network is on a separate subnet with different gateways?

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