Hard Drive Controller Swap and FIRMWARE versions?


I want to try to recover a 200GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 SATA hard drive that I believe is fine except for the controller. The drive spins but BIOS will not correctly see the drive showing me errors and a size of 0 MB. I had a repair shop try to connect to drive and they get the same errors so I know it is def the hard drive and pretty much feel it is the controller. So after speaking to the shop and tech support at Maxtor I want to buy another exact same hard drive and swap controllers between the drives.

My hard drive is Model 6Y200M006500A… Maxtor explained to me that 6Y200M is the model and that the 006500A shows me additional info including FIRMWARE version on the hard drive/controller. They told me that I need to match these numbers exactly to successfully swap the controllers. This is easier said then done.

Can anyone tell me how precise these versions must match in order to swap? I have found the drive with 6Y200M006541A and wonder if this will work in swapping the controllers? Can anyone explain more detail on how flexible the firmware is on this type of swap.

Thanks in advance for any help,
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Your question is a good question; Any company holds diffrenet product lines for different countries or areas of market. This means that you may find the same model on all areas but in different varients. the varient of the model you are holding and is not properly working is an easten market made for model (i.e. Japan, China and forth). The functional varient model you are holding is an eastern european destined model (i.e. Russia, Bulgaria and forth).

I have no solid proof for this but:
In my opinion; if the drives are identical in technical specs (i.e. model, total capacity, buffer size and speed) then theres no reason why the controllers wont fit and the drive will properly work after the replacement. If the drives are differ in a single factor; then the probability things will go smooth is low.

Good luck


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