calling PIX old timers :)

Do any of you guys/gals recognise this?

if so what model is it - and what spec is it liable to be?

note I DO NOT have access to it to co a 'show ver" etc
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantAsked:
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Looks like one of the old PIX 10000 series.. or the original PIX Pre-510

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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantAuthor Commented:
cant find any info on it? do you know what might be under the hood, or should I not bother?
I have one customer with one of these still in production. Cisco no longer supports them in any way, and it's pretty darn big and heavy for something to just tinker around with.. i would not use it on a production network.
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Found this:
PIX "Classic" Firewall units (serial number 06002015 or lower) have a 512K flash card that will need to be upgraded to a minimum of 2MB in order to run the 5.1 software train.

PIX "Classic" Firewall units have 8MB of RAM. PIX 10000 and PIX 510 Firewall units have 16MB of RAM. These units will need to be upgraded to a minimum of 32MB in order to run the 5.1 software train.

Search CCO for "PIX Classic" and you'll find more docs....
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Its just for me to play with at home, Ive got a 515 and a 520 at work.

But even an old 520 still goes for a bundle on Ebay :( just looking for somwthing for me to run at home that I can mess around with and wont affect my live (work) networks if I break it.

>>and it's pretty darn big and heavy

Im guessing its a 19" rack fit - just how heavy is it?
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantAuthor Commented:
if memory serves - last time I got inside my 520 the RAM looked remarkably like old SIMMS to me - will unbranded SIMMS work in this thing?

though a 2Mb flash might br harder to come by :(
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantAuthor Commented:
according to CCO it would seen they recomment a 16Mb flash (this seems a little excessive!)
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantAuthor Commented:
ooh sorry I closed one and left one open :(

I didnt get it - I'll be holding out for a 520/506 or if I get no joy a little 501

Im the mean time I just layed my hands on a tiny compaq Evo (P4) so Im going to have a play with smoothwall when I get some time.

Thanks for the help
best wishes
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