absolute BEGINEERS question

Please bear with me.....this is my first time

I'v just installed Red Hat 9 on my system.

I did it in custom mode coz I wanted all development tools(perl modules to php and everything in between)

The installation went off fine. When I logged in first time, I created a default user as 'user'/'manav'/'manav2' (I tried \3 installations, each time using one of these users, but evrytime, the following problems occur)

Now the problems
1) As root, I did add few users thru
useradd -d /home/manav -n -p mypassword -g 700 manav

the gid 700 I had created before(-n for not creating a new group everytime)

When I log out of root and try to login as manav,it dioesnt accept me in, saying the password is wrong. I am only able to log in as root. I am not even able to login as 'users'/'manav'/'manav2' (the login which I created first tim at bootup.

few points
- /etc/passwd and /etc/group show correct entries for gid etc.
- I even tried removing the enable-md5 for password and the /etc/passwd shows the correct
- i tried to su - as manav from root. It does properly. however, when i do a passwd then, it asks for the passwd and doesnt accept mypassword.
- In gnome(as root), through 'System-setting" -> "users and groups", I tried to change the password for user manav. when I do an ok and reselect properties for manav, it shows 5 asterisks.
- /etc/nologin doesnt exist

It seems to me that maybe somehow my system is configured to login only as root. I've tried the installaiton 3 times and same thing happens.

Please help,

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manav_mathurAuthor Commented:
>- I even tried removing the enable-md5 for password and the /etc/passwd shows the correct

shoud be
- I even tried removing the enable-md5 for password and the /etc/passwd shows the correct password 'mypassword'

Have you tried to login as root and change the passwd for the user?" passwd manav". If that doesnt work you can try deleting manavs password - login as root and run passwd -d manav.
Your problem is that you included "-p mypassword" in the user add command. The use of that option required that "mypassword" be the encrypted representation of the password, not the actual password.

The fix is easy. First run authconfig and re-enable MD5 password encryption. Then execute (as root) 'passwd manav', enter the password twice when prompted. You'll then be able to log in a manav
manav_mathurAuthor Commented:

thanx for that. I even see it now in the man document. And it says using the crypt function for that.

I am thinking

1) useradd -d /home/manav -n -p crypt(mypassword,ae) -g 700 manav
could do it??

2)in Gnome, why does the password box in 'Users and setting' -> 'Properties' for a particular user always
display 5 asterisk??

does passwd -d manav create a new account with /etc/login.defs standard definitions.

Anyways, I think I'll divide the points 75-70(jlevie:owensleftfoot), thats ok??

Thnx again guys,

Passwd -d deletes a users password - it enables them to login without any password at all.

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