how to unlock an folder which is locked in dos mode

look friends,

i have tried to lock mine folder using rename command and alt tab the command was
 ren deepak _
here _ is the combination of alt+607 . which changed mine folder name to _ and also hide it's content . now when i am trying to rename and unlock it. i can't . please tell me any method and sofware to unlock the folder and get mine important data back as this is important folder for me
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
MOVE deepak* deepakx
paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
Leew's methos will not work as there is no deepak* folder anymore.

Haven't you tried this command :
ren alt+607 deepak

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Paraghs - are you not familiar with the process of displaying non-standard characters by using the ALT key and the numeric keypad?

Demo what I mean - open a DOS window then do the following:
md test (do not press enter - now hold down the alt key and using the numeric keypad, enter 6 then 0 then 7.  THEN press enter.  Now do a dir...
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Norton Commander for DOS can do it, I know exactly what you are talking about using the Alt+ Numeric Keypad it sounds like you may have mistyped the number or you should be able to change to it the same way you created it.
deepak_jimsAuthor Commented:
look friends i tried all of above tips.
using that md test command created an new folder named test_ and i am downloading the norton commander and trying to use that . may be one of u had understand mine problem
but i have to make a project and my whole data and file papers are present in that folder .

does reinstalling the windows unlocks that folder or some other method to use. tell me please
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
deepak - that test was meant for Paraghs - not you.

Actually, try this:
In the dos prompt, change to the directory with file/folder in question.
If the naming problem is with a FILE (not a folder, but a file) then run this:

For /f "tokens=1" %a in ('dir /a-d /b deepak*') Do REN %a deepak

If the naming problem is with a FOLDER (with other files in it) then run this:
For /f "tokens=1" %a in ('dir /ad /b deepak*') Do MOVE %a deepak
deepak_jimsAuthor Commented:
look  leew i used this command according  to me deepak* is present folder name nd deepak is the name which i want tto give to that folder
if i m right then then syantx also didn't worked at all
paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:

Did I sound like a newbie to DOS ? That's certianly NOT the case.
What I meant was not to type ALT+607, but to press ALT, and then type 607.

Anyway, I tried simulating Deepak's problem on both Win 98 & W2K.

If you rename a folder, say deepak, to "ALT+607" or "ALT+607deepak" or "deepakALT+607", even then that folder can be opened in Windows.
It is "hidden" only when you rename it to, say "ALT+187" or "ALT+187deepak".

Deepak, are you sure that you had renamed it as "ALT+607" ?
deepak_jimsAuthor Commented:
ya i am sure that i had renamed it using the command

ren deepak alt+607
which renamed the folder to _.
and since then i am trying to unlock this folder which has all mine data

by the way i will try urs this idea also
also the method told to me by leew was using the file command.
i tried that but didn't get the solution
now i will try this out
thanks for this help
You can try acessing the folder using norton utilities or a program like that.... i think the old dos
norton utilities are freeware now..
Hi Deepak,

do you use any other os other than DOS? before replying to your question, i recreated your problem and i didnt face any issues in renaming a directory to _ (alt 607) and changing to that directory and moving files to that directory etc.

Incase you are using DOS, then i could give you a possible solution. However please answer the following first:

under which os did you create the directory?
what os you are using apart from DOS?

I am using win2K. and it worked. lemme know.

deepak_jimsAuthor Commented:

thanks  mr. basu for trying to help me and also mine other friends
i m using windows 98 second edition now.
and i locked mine folder in win-98 second ed. os

i had used this rename command with other  folder and they r working well even if i want to change it's name i can do
but i m facing problem on this folder which is quite neccessary for me
also tell me if i change the os to win xp then is it possible to unlock this folder

when i do norton antinvirus scan it show me the content of this folder

Hi Deepak,

Here's what you do.

Go to the DOS prompt from Win98.

then go to the parent folder where you have your hidden folder.

type the following command.
dir /ad > a.bat

now type the following :

edit a.bat

delete everything that you see except the folder name.
i.e. delete the top lines showing volumer serial no. label and directory of etc.
then delete everything that comes after the directory name.
then type cd before the name of your directory.
press alt+F and save the file.
after returning to the DOS prompt type a.bat.

let me know what happends then...

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deepak_jimsAuthor Commented:
look i used this commands also but not working according to me
u just tell me here a.bat refrence to presenfoldename.bat or some thing else
Ok, can you send me the path of your hidden folder, so that I can create the desired file for you. Also will appreciate if you can create a screen dump of the dir command from the hidden directory's folder in your reply for my easy understanding.

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