Corrupted NTFS partition info using firewire on external drive

I am running a laptop with WinXP Pro SP2 and have been having problem with a Speeze enclosure using the Prolific 3507 combo controller. I have tested it extensively with large video files that I was working on in Premiere and found it to corrupt the NTFS partition information when connected via firewire. I could not recover the partition table when this happened I recovered the data using GetDataBack for NTFS and reformatted the drive. This has happened 3 times using the firewire interface, and seems to happen under extensive IO operations. Since, I have formatted again and am using USB 2.0. It has not had any problems yet though it is a little slower with this interface.

I have searched all over the net and can't find a solution to this. I also have a TDK Indi DVD writer connected through firewire and that hasn't been a problem.

The drive is a WD 200GB 7200 rpm.

Open to suggestions.... I finished making a DVD of a wedding that was filmed so I can now afford to lose the drive.... again :-(
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Let me get this straight;
When you are using USB2.0 the reliability of data is higher versus using a FireWire (FW) connection?
If this is the case here; I suggest you may suffer from a malfunction FW controller in the form of software installed or drivers. From what I have seen on the WEB; you are not the only one suffers from the SAME problem (FW not working properly vs. USB connection is reliable);

I would suggest you to update the controllers firmware and try again...

The firmware update link you should try:

A forum post I saw which descibes the same problem you have:

Hope that helped

BeanDAuthor Commented:
To sum it up, yes:  I have no problems using USB 2.0 while I consistenly receive corrupt MFT using the Firewire connection.

I had already tried the firmware updates on the page you link to here, but it seems as though my controller is not writable.  I receive the error "Can't access the chip. (Be rejected!)" when attempting to update the flash rom.  My currect FW version is reported as being "2004.04.07.108".

Looking at the comments on the forum you mentioned it looks like I'm stuck using the USB interface.  Since I bought this enclosure in Canada and am now in Brazil it will be tough trying to exchange it for one that doesn't use the Prolific chipset.  Although I will be complaining to the manufacturer as this seems to be a consistent and glaring design flaw.

Unless, of course, someone else has a solution?
BeanDAuthor Commented:
Having searched all over and not finding a workable solution, I resolved to keep pestering Fannertech support until they gave me an answer that I could accept; originally I received this email, to which I responded that it wasn't acceptable (I felt a little like I was being treated like an idiot, although he meant well):

"The firewire problem is a known issue for Prolific 3507 chipset. This problem happens when you try to read/write large amount of data through firewire port. I have attached a update firmware program for you. You can try to update the firmware to see if it can solve your problem or not.. If you are looking for faster speed for read/write. Then I would suggest you to use USB. This enclosure has a USB 2.0 which has a transfer speed of 480Mbits/second. For firewire, the transfer speed is only 400Mbits/second. If you don't have a USB 2.0 port in your PC, you can buy an add-on USB 2.0 card for your PC in order to obtain the maximum transfer speed of the enclosure."

After a few more emails it was resolved that I have to send the unit into Fannertech for updating (as it uses a write once firmware chipset) at my expense to California! (This unit is a month old, and had this problem from day 1).  To say the least, I'm not content with the solution and at present am resorting to using the USB interface only.  I have emailed Tigerdirect through which I purchased the unit to make them aware of the problem so they don't sell more with this firmware revision.  Aside from all that, I couldn't even be assured that a firmware update would actually resolve this "issue".
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BeanDAuthor Commented:
Ï have submitted a request to have this question closed/deleted.
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
My suggestion is PAQ/refund.
This certainly could hold value for future PAQ searchers.

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Closed, 500 points refunded.

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