Preserving form data using history.back()

I have a form with several select menus., onSubmit to the next page, i want to confirm the selected what was entered on the previous page.
if the user decides to edit the data, i have a button which uses history.back() function.

Just on testing on IE, Data is preserved and in few computers with different versions of IE it isnt. I'm aware that we cannot rely on all browsers to remember values, however if it works in Netscape and IE i'll be more than happy.

whats the difference between history.back() and history.go(-1)? Could that be a factor?

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These could help ->

Other alternatives are:

* use cookies on submit and read back
* use a server side language like ASP
* make sure all the data is collected correctly using Javasscript Validation and only then let users proceed
and there is no difference between history.back() and history.go(-1)
nouman2000Author Commented:
I am using server side language "JSP"
I am currently using session to store values upon passing information from form. I can edit the form page to take values if session value has been set, I was wondering if there is a client-side alternative.

Just in order to save time perhaps.

All data is validated, and users are let to the next page, but they may change their mind and change values which require them to change their order
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I would use the session variables to refill the data. Safer and faster IMO.

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nouman2000Author Commented:
Yea, I agree its safer.
Im glad you've found a solution Nouman.

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nouman2000Author Commented:
Hey VM,
I dont remember having chosen grade C, I must have been in my sleep. Apologies, however I really dont remember giving a 'C' grade.

How can I change the grade for this question?

No problems Nouman. I have posted a question in Community Support. You can go here and post that you would like the grade changed. An admin or mod will come along and do the needful.

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