Linksys Wireless Bridge (WET11) Speed Issue

Ok, I have been searching google for a solution for about 4 months now with no success so hopefully I can get this all sorted out. PS. hope I posted this in the right spot.

I purchased a WET11 Wireless Bridge.... Hooked it up to my network, and it worked fine. It did its job, and got my computer online.  Well, after about 10 seconds of browsing the internet I noticed the stupid thing is giving me DIAL UP SPEEDS.  I went to the status page, and it has 100% link quality, and I have a very fast broadband connection, so neither of those are the problem.  At first the dumb thing was going at 3-10kb/s. So, I called up Linksys tech support, after goign through every single trouble shooting option they had, they told me to change the "Beacon Interval" on my wireless router to 50 from its default value of 100.  This helped a tiny bit, but I am still only getting speeds of around 15-25kb/s.  Linksys insists that this device should be able to run as fast as my network can handle (11mbps) but, yeah its not workin.  Any Ideas?
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Do you get the same problems with a different network card?
Have you turned off WEP or WPA?
Have you checked your NIC's settings?

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evanatmtdAuthor Commented:
Okay, well I tried it on a different computer, and I am now getting 130kbps solid, like downloading a 300mb file, it stays at 130kbps the whole time.  My internet, however, is 4.2mbps, and the brige is supposedly capable of up to 10mbps (so says Linksys)... so, the dial up speeds where due to the crappy network card in the other PC, but any other idea's on how to get the full speed of my internet out of this bridge?

The only way to compare if you're getting a reduction in bandwidth due to the wireless connection is to download the same thing from the same place at roughly the same time of day on both the wireless computer and a wired computer.  The difference (if there is one) should give you something to strive for, however just by the nature of wireless, as you reach the upper ends of your transmission capabilities you will not be able to match the wired bandwidth because of transmission delays and retransmissions due to environmental factors.

Getting a good card with an external antenna and high output ratings will help a bunch.  As will tweaking the settings to match your base station.  Increase power, reduce interferrance, and focus the RF signal are the best things to help the transmission quality.
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evanatmtdAuthor Commented:
It's just confusing because, I have a 100% signal, and on my other wireless computer (with a wireless PCI card, also linksys), I get 420kbp+... So, I cant understand it being the signal.  Also, could you explain "tweaking the settings to match your base station". Do you mean, set the SSID, Channel, ect to match the router?
Well, first of all, you know that card was bad, so it could have been misreporting the signal.

If you have 802.11b router and a g card, switch the card to force 802.11b only, it will waste time trying to scan on g-band.  If you're router is set to force 2MB connection, make sure the card is also, etc.  It all depends on your hardware and the drivers you're using, some cards are more flexible than others.

You may get more information from your card if you try a wireless tool like NetStumbler

If your card is compatible, you should be able to isolate the problem with the tool's help.
evanatmtdAuthor Commented:
Awesome, I got it up and workin now.  Thanks a ton. Also, since this has been bugging me for so long, I increased the points to 200.  Thanks again for your help.
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