XP is unable to establish network connection

Hello everybody,

It's been for quite some time since my last post at EE so it is an honor to do that once again... :-)

I'm not sure that this is the correct TA to post this, but I guess that it is a good place to start with...

It all started today, after I've logged in, XP has tried to establish a network connection and after a while I've been notified that:
This connection has limited or no connectivity.
You might not be able to access the Internet or some network resources.
This problem occured because the network did not assign a network address to the computer.

When I've clicked the message box, I've been getting the "Network Connection Status" form, on which I've pressed the "Details..." button to see this:
Physical Address: 00-0C....  (my phisical card address...)
IP Address: (which cann't be true, unless someone(thing) is hijacking my computer...)
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: <Empty>*
DNS Server: <Empty>*
WINS Server: <Empty>*
*<Empty> is my way telling you guys that there was nothing wrotten there... ;-)

Some background
OS: Win XP SP2 with all latest critical updates installed.

The last thing that was installed on the computer is a program called "Astrology for Windows" by Halloram Software. There is no uninstall available niether through the All Programs menu nor at the Add/Remove program in the Control Panel (don't ask me why this program was installed in the first place, it wasn't me who did it...lol) so I realy suspect this one to be the reason for the problem, but I'm not sure...

I've scanned the machine with AdAware SE, Spybot S & D and Norton AntiVirus but could'nt find enithing unusual.

As I've said, there is no network connection available, therefor I can't scan it via online service (e.g. housecall or pandasoftwarte...)

I've tried to uninstall/reinstall the network adapter's driver, which didn't work. I've also tried to install another Etherenet card, and even downloaded (from another machine wich IS connected to the Internet) the assumably correct drivers, but with no luck (I'm not canceling the option that I've used the wrong one....).
The card that I'm trying to install is a Chineese made, caled: EDIMAX 5200PXA and I've downloaded the drivers from www.edimax.com site, but when I've ran the Add New Hardware wizard, the card was not recognized. I had to install the driver's *.inf file manualy and only then it was recognized, but one of the two options listed at the "finish" screen, had this little yellow sing mark attached to it... and it was also shown at the Device Manager after the installation complete.

I'm trying to solve this for quite some time but with no luck so far, and I really need this computer with a network connection available up and running ASAP.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Nosterdamus,

Certainly a good place to post

How are you connecting to internet ,through broadband and if yes, are you using router ?

After installing windows xp Sp2, were you able to go internet or this happened as you can think only after this software got installed.

Can you give us more information on what kind of a program is that or if you are not sure, can you do a system restore on the PC inorder to get it back to the day when this software was not installed. Once doing system restore ,check if you would have internet connection.

HOW TO: Restore the Operating System to a Previous State in Windows XP

Post back


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Also this happened after scanning for virus/spywares and removing them or even before that.

Temporarily disable the firewall in SP2.

Run this tool

If that doesnot help , do these manually
How to reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in Windows XP

How to troubleshoot TCP/IP connectivity with Windows XP

Restart the computer and check ..

"IP Address: "

this is the default ip address,  it means theres a connection to the accesspoint or another switch/router/nic,

if you are behind a router, the router is not giving you an ip address,

try statically adding one,

if a linksys router

IP               192.168.1.xxx
gateway router)
dns             4.2..2.1
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Oh i missed to mention that in my previous comment about DHCP server not functioning properly in this case as the user thought 169 address to be some kind of virus or spyware related..

Good point ,jjk16.

didnt see the bottom part about driver issues,
the above post was assuming a valid nic drivers...

you need it quick, buy a new network card, use driver in the box with the network card, get on internet,   see if windows update can find your driver for the nic  epimax ....

return nic, then we will know if it is a driver issue or not
NosterdamusAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot guys,

I'll check the issues that you've both pointed out for me and will post results here shortly.

NosterdamusAuthor Commented:
You are THE BEST guys... this is why I LOVE EE so much.

System Restore did the trick ;-)

Points go to sunray_2003

Best Regards,


Please keep in mind that system restore is just a temporary fix.. Make sure that the software that you had installed is the real cause of it as you might want to install it again and that might create the same issue again.

Make sure that the software is compatible with your OS and check the company website of any known issues like you have
and also any updates for your OS

NosterdamusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the addition sunray_2003.

No need to warry about reinstalling the SW, it was installed without my permission on MY computer, and that issue is RESOLVED once and for all.... LOL

Regarding the second item on your "list", well I usualy check for system updates on a regular basis and could'nt realy find anything regarding this problem at MS KB articals, but who knows, maybe they didn't here of it yet, or they have bigger problems with XP SP2 than this one to deal with at the moment... ;-)

Thanks again

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