How do I arrange for my pc printer to print jobs sent by my notebook?

Hi there. I need to connect my notebook, which is not part of a network, so that it will print using my pc's printer. I already have another pc hooked up to print wirelessly, but I have absolutely no idea what sort of port I am supposed to use when setting up the printer parameters for this notebook. Any help? Amy
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What you will have to do first is set up this computer to connect to the network.  If you already have one computer set up to print wirelessly, then this should be no problem either.  As long as the printer is shared and you join the network, you should be able to access this printer and install it as a network printer.  You won't have to worry about setting up a port this way because it will be a network printer.  If this doesn't help you out, please let me know how your computers are set up on the network and what your wireless setting are so that I might be able to help you further.
amoneAuthor Commented:
Hi Turbo,

Well, the other pc has a shared printer but I didn't set up a network because both pcs connect directly to the internet and I didn't feel it was safe enough. So I firewalled both pcs and the router and just shared the printer. (Or perhaps I have a network that I don't know about? I don't think so...) Anyhow,  I wanted to do the same with the laptop, more or less. The other pc says the printer is connected at the A\\ Local Port Auto etc. I don't suppose I can use that for the laptop, can I? So, what would be my next step? Amy
You *need* to buy a router. Do not connect any computer directly to the internet. It's dangerous.

Connect the router to the internet, then your computers to the router. You'll also need a wireless access point, or you can buy a device that does both. It's called a wireless router. You then really have two networks: A wired one and a wireless one. The access point connects the two networks together, and the router separates your computers from the internet.

Then you can open the firewall on the pc that has the printer to allow it to share files and printers. All your machines will be networked together and you can share files among any of them.

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amoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks Chris, for your comment. Perhaps I wasn't clear. I have dsl and a router. My PCs  connect wireless and directly to the internet as does the notebook. As of this week, I was able to connect both pcs and the notebook to the same network so I was able to also access the shared printer. Problem solved. Thanks nonetheless for your time and comments. Thanks to Turbo76542 for mentioning the network at all. You guys are great. Amy
Glad we could help you out Amy.  Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but I'm glad you have it all worked out.
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