can Linux be an internet and web server for Windows Clients ?

i am new ,, in linux,.. and i have an internet cafe and intersted just in networking ..
can i have a redhat 9 as a server and the other clients have windows ? ..

i have just installed redhat 9 "Server" edition.. and don't know what to do ..
is there a site or a tutorial .. learn me step by step. .how to configure the server ?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Sure you can.  What exactly are you trying to do?  Host Web sites?  Be a router?  A file server?  A DNS Server?  A DHCP Server?

Please be as specific as you can.  But if you want to secure the workstations for web browsing, why not go the real cheap route - Download Knoppix, don't put any hard drives in the clients (save money on electric), and you can use Knoppix for the clients.  Knoppix is linux on a bootable CD.  Users cannot modify anything permanently - to restore, simply reboot.  (Download knoppix from

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3ezzAuthor Commented:
thank you very much for youe fast response ..
i have used knoppix before .. but i need;nt to use it now .. my clients have hard drives .. and have windows systems ..
i want a server to work as ISA Server on windows .. i can control .. the time of work .. bandwith for each user and sites access .. not host server or fille server ..
i heard that PPPoE do such things .. espeically for authenucatuin ..  
and heard about very very good one ... its a program called "CyberRoom". . its very good one for control user access and bandwith cashing and other things ..
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I think you'll have FAR more options for things like this with a Linux Server over a Windows server - though I admit to never doing this with either.  Linux has a LOT of networking tools available - MOST are free.  A Proxy server like SQUID might be something to look at.
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Checkout (or freshmeat), there are at least a couple of projects on their for controlling cybercafes clients.

EG: and

This question (if I read you right) was also covered by -> ... they mention the above two projects and one called "lincaf" (but I can't find anything about that one!).

I would start for geting some good networking concepts under your feet. Have a look at the "linux Networking" section at this site:

Then start to decide what services you want to provide to your clients. Your on the right track tho, using linux on your servers and windows on your clients is an excellent and cost effective way to go.

Probably the first service you want to get working is sharing of your internet connection to your clients. Let us know what your setup is like and we can offer more advice.
it;s easyer for you to use mandrake 10.0
 you can use it as a router and web server.
during  the installation prossess you will be asked if you want to setup a web server click yes and your done..
after that you may need to configure your network  by intering  your ip address if you have static or chose the dynamic option.
Yeah it realy depends on what services you want to provide to your clients and how much your really want to learn about whats going on in the background. But yes starting out with mandrake would be a good idea, its nice and easy to use and setup.
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