One Contact folder on Multiple Outlook.`

Okay, here is the setup.

I have a small office setup.  3 networked PC's.  All PC's have Outlook installed.  I have a hand held device that I utilize to sync up my contact information with Outlook.  The handheld will not sync up to Outlook Express.  I need to share the Contact list on all 3 PC's.  How can I do this?  I can create batch files to move the files from PC to PC.  But which files to move is the question.  I do not want to move any actual emails between PC's, as all 3 users do not share the same email access.  I only want the Contacts folder shared.

As always, thanks in advance.
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Hi bbengs,

Are you  using Outlook express or Microsoft Outlook ?
If you use both , which machines has got Outlook express and which on Microsoft Outlook ?

If you are using OE and your handheld doesnot sync , then import address book of OE into Microsoft outlook well that will happen only if you are using both.

Now why do you want to share all the contacts. Does that mean you have 3 different email clients in each PC and want to get all the contacts in all of them into handheld..

Post back so that we can help you some more


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bbengsAuthor Commented:
I am not using OE at all.  Only Outlook version 2002.  I have one PC that I sync up the data with.  I then want to share those contact among the other 2 PC.
I have one PC that I sync up the data with

Now why dont you connect the handheld to this computer and then using the contacts inside the outlook. sync with handheld..

then once all the contacts are in this outlook., you can check my previous suggestion link and share it with others

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