Process for security certificates

just a few general(ish) question I was hoping some one could answer regarding security certificates used on web sites...

What is the process for getting a certificate for a comercial website

What information (if any) is provided to the certificate issuer when someone on the web enters teh site for purchases, transactions etc...

When some one enters the site what is the process that happens in regard to the certificate (i.e. how is a certificate "verified as being trustable")

any other information would be appreciated...

this is due to me hunting around on google (for a bit) but need to get a specific answer to these Q's but not enough time to hunt...


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When you apply for a certificate all your basic info has to be given to the certificate issuer, your info as an individual, or the info about your company.... Depends if your incorperated or not...... After you submit your info along with payment to a company like verisign or thawte, over about a 48 hour period they attempt to verify you are who you claim to be.

There are several types of certificates that are sold, there is the code signing certificate which you would need to use activex controls on your website, then there is just the basic SSL certificate which I suspect you need.

The only info I'm aware of that is sent to the issuer when a client enters the secure site is the certificate itself where it is checked against the revocation list. The basic process of verification is the webbrowser authenticates the web address (URL) and the server match the info contained in the certificate and also the certificate has not been revoked.

If you go to verisigns' website, they will email a pdf manual to you that explains in detail how all this works. Verisign is the largest certificate vendor, so therefor I belive the info in their guide to be accurate and crediable.


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