Opposite of expand command?

You can run the commnad "expand -r somefile.xx_ c:\temp", to expand a setup file into the temp directory.

My question is this: how do you "compress" a file so you can modify it and put it back in the setup files?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
What are you trying to do this for?  If your trying to incorporate Service Packs or patches, there's an easier way called slipstreaming.

DrDamnitAuthor Commented:
Just trying to patch a file back into the setup. I know how to slipstream, but I need to expand a file, alter it, and put it back where I found it.
Hello DrDamnit =)

>> somefile.xx_

They are actually the "Compressed" files, so why dont u try this,
expand it, alter it, and then add it in a zip file with the help of winzip
now this file will have a .zip extenion

open Explorer>Tools>Folder Options>View>untick Hide Extensions of Known File Types
now u can see the .zip extension this file, rename the file to the original file which u got from the setup CD !!

e.g. if u expanded abcd.EX_ file to get a abcd.exe file
then alter it and then u will have an altered abcd.exe file
add it to zip and then u will have a abcd.zip file
set the option in Folder Options>View to show the extenions of files
then rename it back to abcd.EX_ and now put it back !!

Im not sure that it will work or not, but i have done these experiments many times with success,,,, u can also give a try :)
Good Luck =)
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DrDamnitAuthor Commented:
nope. No luck. There has to be a Microsoft product that does it.
Paul SDesktop Support Manager / Network AdministratorCommented:
what you want will be very hard to find. software companies don't like people to do that. if it has to be a microsoft product, then contact microsoft or serach there site www.microsoft.com
Paul SDesktop Support Manager / Network AdministratorCommented:
what about the "compact" command. i don't know what it does, but the name sounds right. the opposite of expand is compact right?

I believe you are looking for "makecab.exe". It comes with Windows XP

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