No picture to monitor

Gulp.  Why can't any upgrade go without a hitch?
Ok, my old monitor's picture was starting to get blurry, so I figured it was time to get a new monitor.  At the same time, my power supply fan was making lots of nasty noises, so I figured I would get a new one of those, too.   So, I turned off the computer, switched the power supply unit (made sure it was P4, 300W, just like the old one), put the new monitor up and plugged it in, then powered it up.
Well, the lights came on, it did it's "BEEP", heard the CD drive spinning, eventually the light and spinning sound on the floppy drive... so the boot up seems fine... but here's the problem... no picture to the monitor.  Yes, it was turned on.  The power light was flashing to show it was getting no signal.
SOOOOO, I turned it all off, and hooked the OLD monitor back up.  Turned it on again, and the same thing happened (on the old monitor the power light is amber to show no signal going to it).
What could I have done???  I was very careful to make sure all power plugs are hooked in exactly in the same manner as the old power supply was hooked up... in fact, for every plug I unplugged of the old power supply into a device or on the motherboard, I replaced with the new one, to be sure I didn't forget anything.

Oh PLEAAAAAAASE help me.  This computer is only 6 months old.   P4, Win XP, 80 HD, blah blah.   Oh, and I'm noticing right now the HD seems to be making slight grinding noises.  Could it have crashed?  After only 6 months, and for so minor an upgrade?  I didn't even touch the dumb thing.

Any help, any at all, would be sooooo appreciated.

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Can you get a picture at all with your old monitor ?
Sound like it could be your graphic card ?
Even if your harddrive had crashed you should still get something on the screen in dos mode when booting i.e. you should be able to see the memory check , detection of HDD , the standard boot up screen before windows starts loading. If you see absolutely nothing at all try reseating your graphic card or if you have another working card available use that to test.


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   Could you unplug and plug back in the graphic card to see any progress?
Or try other graphic card to see you can get any signal on the monitor.

   6 months PC should be ok and I believe things will get straight eventually.
The worst case just replace the PC. Your life can still go on without a doubt.


Have you tried booting up in safe mode?
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ascoredhatAuthor Commented:
I tried the booting in safe mode, but that didn't do anything.  Since there is no signal going to the monitor all i could do was keep hitting F8 for a long time during boot up and guess that it might be at the menu where it gives me the choices.  With no picture it could be in safe mode, dangerous mode or ice cream a la mode for all I know.

And I feel a bit better after reading Weinberger's post.  I do remember now...all other times I had hard drive problems I could AT LEAST get the DOS boot up screen on the monitor before the "cannot find hard drive" blah blah messages started popping up.  And losing the hard drive was the thing I worried most about because LIKE A DOPE I hadn't backed anything up. (you can bet that will be the FIRST thing I do when I get it going again).

As for the graphics card, this computer is using the onboard video.  Could some kind of "spike" or something happened when I put in the new power supply?  Is there some kind of switch or cable on the motherboard for the onboard video that i may have bumped while getting the power supply unit in and out?

Do you suggest I put in one of my old graphics cards from previous computers and see if that works?  And if so, will it cause a conflict with the video driver for the onboard video?  Not sure if there is a way to "disable" the onboard video.  I suppose I should hunt down the manual for the Chaintech motherboard.

Thank you all so much for the quick replies and let me know what you would do as your next step here if you were me.  :)

Since you swapped the power supply, it's possible that the new on is defective.
Try putting the old one back in.
There is no harm in trying your old graphic card.
If you put in your old card , most mobos will automatically disable the on board one. If it doesn't try removing cmos battery for a few seconds and replacing to recent your bios.
ascoredhatAuthor Commented:
So would the lights and devices spinning and turning at boot up still happen if the new power supply were defective?
>>So would the lights and devices spinning and turning at boot up still happen if the new power supply were defective?

Yes, it is possible. Fans and drive motors use +12 volt. The power supply has +12v, -12v, +5v, -5v, and +3.3 v regulators. If any are missing it will cause problems.
ascoredhatAuthor Commented:
Oooooh what an idiot I am.  Wotta dope.  Such a moron.

Everything is working fine now, except that my face is very,  very red.

Want to know what I did so all can mock and scorn me?

When I put the computer back together, I plugged the monitor into the outlet coming off the motherboard for the onboard video.  I had forgotten...when we bought this computer we decided to go ahead and go for the upgrade to a better, separate video card, unlike the old computer.

I did a complete brain freeze, because as I'm staring into the case, ,the video card in the expansion slot is staring me right in the face.  For some reason, I thought it was the Pinnacle DVD maker card I had gotten a while back...but actually I haven't installed it yet.  Both cards are red.

The lightbulb went off in my head when I was looking in the MB box where all the driver CDs and such are from when I bought it,  looking for the MB manual, when I came across a CD for a Raydeon video card and thought..."hmmm, now why would I need this for onboad video?"... then suddenly it hit me and my face turned into a donkey like in those old Bugs Bunny cartoons.  "HEE HAWWW".

Anyway, OBVIOUSLY, once I switched the monitor cable to the correct port, I had a picture.  (oooh, such a "duuuuhhhhh").

I thank everyone for giving of your time to me, and I"ll split the points for the effort of you all as a thank you.

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