Dynamic datagrid

I currently designing a datagrid template. I wonder how to set/add some bahaviour, class to table column in datagrid webcontrol.
Below is the HTML i expected to get when ASP.net rendering to HTML.

 <TABLE class="gridBar gridSort" id=gridBar cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0>
        <COLGROUP id=gridBarCols>
        <COL width=2>
        <COL width=125><COL id=colAutoExpander>
        <COL width=2>
        <COL width=83>
        <COL width=2>
        <COL width=83>
        <COL width=2>
        <COL width=108>
        <COL width=2>
        <COL width=14></COLGROUP>
        <TR id=trHeader pagesize="">
          <TD class=sort title="Sort by Activity Subject"  ondragover=event.returnValue=false; field="subject" isExpanderParent="1"><NOBR>Activity Subject  <IMG class=sort  src="grid_container_files/bar_up.gif" width="13" height="5"></NOBR></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

Hope someone can give me some guidelines on this. Thank You
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IF you want to tick/untick a checkbox you can use the following code

I am very sorry. I posted the above comment by mistake.
Please excuse me
Hi jinhong23,

you can use the repeater control - it is design exactly for this purpose - to render what the developer whants
    ad your column definitions
render your data
close the table tag

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>>I wonder how to set/add some bahaviour, class to table column in datagrid webcontrol
do u mean style class  ... if s, then
for header u can use the headerstyle tag
<HeaderStyle CssClass="GridHeader">
for the footer .. if u have totals u can use the
<FooterStyle CssClass="GridFooter">

and any class grid can have its own class .. i.e.
<asp:datagrid  CssClass="gridBar" ....
jinhong23Author Commented:
Refer back to HTML code that i provided

<TD class=sort title="Sort by Activity Subject"  ondragover=event.returnValue=false; field="subject" isExpanderParent="1">

As you can translate from above HTML, when mouse rollover to the grid column, it is able to see a tag "Sort by Activity Subject", when ondragover or other bahaviour, it able to perform as what it is & etc

What i want to know is how can i pass all these attibutes and values to datagrid's item column. i know that Cssclas can be assigned using  ItemStyle-CssClass , like the code below
<asp:BoundColumn DataField="Column1" ItemStyle-CssClass ="sort"></asp:BoundColumn>.

How about other attribute like "title", behaviour like onclick, ondragover & etc.
try adding them as attributes to the itemstyle tags ... it might work ..

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