Major Geforce4 ti4200 Problems

The problem remains the same for every game, no matter which one. Everytime I try to play a game, say for example Halo, the intro videos (microsoft game studions, bungie etc..) work fine then when I get to the menu of the game everything freezes up. Usually freezes for a about 30 seconds or so, unfreezes for 1 second and so on. Even with sims 2 the same problem. The intro for sims loads fine, the loading screen for the game works, but as soon as I go to enter a neighbourhood to start a game, complete lockup. After like 10 minutes between freezing and non-freezing I manage to exit the game. Same thing for all older games too. Everything always worked perfect, then litteraly one day it just stopped working (well we were in the middle of half-life and it started freezing, thats when everything went bad)

What I have already done:

- Chipset drivers installed
- Latest nVidia drivers
- Older drivers
- DirectX 9.0C
- Disabled and Enabled direct3d/draw/acceleration
- Changed paging file to managed/custom/none
- DXdiag all tests passed
- Checked the fan
- Checked the power supply
- Ran hardware tests
- Did a fresh install of XP
- Restored BIOS to default settings
- Changed ACPI Uniprocessor PC to Advanced Configuration and Power Interface PC then to Standard PC which made my PC unbootable
- Enabled and Disabled PnP O/S in BIOS

(not all done in that order)

System Specs:

- Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
- 512 DDR RAM
- 72GB HDD 72000 RPM
- Intel D845EBG2 Motherboard
- Windows XP Pro
- No on-board video, just AGP (apature set @ 128mb in BIOS)

** Incase anyone is wondering my video card is on IRQ 16 and is being shared with Intel Universal Host Controller (I cant get the card on its own irq for some reason)

** Also, in device manager it says PCI bus 1, device 0, function 0 if anyone is wondering. In my BIOS i have the option to set PCI IRQ priority too. ( I haven't touched that yet)

I really hope someone can help me! I went through all the trouble above because I have no money to dish out for another card.

Thanks, Candice
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Could you please tell me what graphic card have you got?

Tdot_EndemixAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I thought I put that in the title, maybe it's not showing up.  It's a Geforce4 Ti4200 128mb.
Hehe, sorry, I just woke up. SO, back to the problem (*need coffee*).

This is a book example of overheating, as this is the most probably thing likely to cause this behaviour. Go to your driver settings and check the temperature after you exit the game. If this is not going to be the case, what we can be ceratin of is, that this is a HW problem, as you have already tryed to reinstall XP. Other than that, it could be CPU overheating, so make sure you check that in BIOS as well. If all of these are going to be in reasonable values ~50C, then we can start trying other things as well. Be sure to give me feedback when you finish, Ill be waiting.

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Tdot_EndemixAuthor Commented:
How can I check the tempature of the CPU and Graphics card?
For the GPU, if you have the newest drivers and go to advanced tabs in them (Display Properties - Settings - Advanced - nVidia - somewhere) i didnt have nVidia for quite a long now, so I cant tell you exactly where it is. As for CPU temp, it is ussualy in the BIOS under system health status or somehting similiar.

Tdot_EndemixAuthor Commented:
Oh wait...I have Intel Active Monitor that came with my board.  I'll use that plus the nvidia thing and reply quickly.
Tdot_EndemixAuthor Commented:
The Processor temp was 40, with sims2 running was 47
The system temp went from 37 - 40
The fan is running at 3321rpm

Active monitor told me that the power levels were normal.

The video card temp...well, nothing in the nvidia settings allow me to see that but im working on it.  In the meantime I have some more info/questions.

- I confirmed its running on a 4X bus. I wasnt sure if it was 8X or 4X.  Also, when i boot up, the very first thing I see, (like first screen after warm or cold boot, before windows or anything) is

Nvidia Geforce4 Ti 2400
128 MB

There are no bios updates for my board, but the bios had the wrong version number.  I found a program that will let me flash my nvidia bios to 5.something I think.  Is it bad that I have version 6.something on my comp and it says different in the bios?
Tdot_EndemixAuthor Commented:
Okay, I know I post a lot, but I figure the more info you guys have the better.  Here is a report.  You will see what I mean by the video bios version and driver version in here:

Video Adapter
Model : NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200
Chipset : GeForce4 Ti 4200
RAMDAC : Integrated RAMDAC
Video BIOS : Version
VGA Compatible : No
Total Memory : 128MB (127MB Video) (126MB AGP)
Texture Memory : 253MB
Supports DIME Texturing : Yes

AGP Capabilities
Version : 2.00
Command Queue Length : 32
Fast-Writes Enabled : Yes
Side Band Enabled : Yes
Data Transfer Modes Support : 1x 2x 4x
Current Data Transfer Rate : 4x

Video BIOS
Date : 10/22/02
Version :

Current Video Mode
Mode : 1024x768 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit)
Current Refresh Rate : 72Hz
Virtual Desktop Size : 1024x768

Video Driver
Model : nv4_mini.sys
Version :
Expected Windows Version : 4.00
Video Acceleration : Yes
Screen Saver Active : 10 minutes(s)
Screen Saver Name : C:\WINDOWS\System32\logon.scr
Low Power Saving Active : 20 minutes(s)
Power Off Saving Active : 20 minutes(s)

System i2c Controller 1
Model : nVidia Riva GFX DDC1 i2c
Speed : 50kHz

System i2c Controller 2
Model : nVidia Riva GFX DDC2 i2c
Speed : 50kHz

Enhanced Video Settings
Animation Effects Enabled : Yes
Full Windows Drag Enabled : Yes
Font Smoothing Enabled : Yes
HighContrast Feature On : No

Device Mode Characteristics
Physical Medium Width : 300 mm, 12 in
Physical Medium Height : 225 mm, 9 in
Recommended CRT/Panel Size : 19 in
Horizontal/Vertical Resolution : 96x96 dpi
Colour Bits/Planes : 32 / 1 bit(s) pp
Brushes : 4294967295
Pens : 4294967295
Colours/Shades : 4294967295
Pixel Width/Height/Diagonal : 36 / 36 / 51

Driver Clipping Capabilities
Can Clip Output to Rectangle : Yes
Can Clip Output to Region : No

Driver Raster Capabilities
Supports Banding : No
Supports Fonts Larger than 64Kb : Yes
Can Transfer Bitmaps : Yes
Supports Bitmaps Larger than 64Kb : Yes
Supports Device Bitmaps : No
Supports DIBs : Yes
DIBs on Device Surface : Yes
Flood Fills : Yes
Supports Windows 2.x : Yes
Stretch/Compress Bitmaps : Yes
Stretch/Compress DIBs : Yes
Supports Scaling : No
Palette-Based Device : No
Saves Bitmap Locally : No

Driver Curve Capabilities
Can Draw Circles : Yes
Can Draw Ellipses : Yes
Can Draw Pie Wedges : Yes
Can Draw Chord Arcs : Yes
Can Draw Wide Borders : Yes
Can Draw Styled Borders : Yes
Can Draw Wide, Styled Borders : Yes
Can Draw Rounded Rectangles : Yes
Can Draw Interiors : Yes

Driver Line Capabilities
Can Draw Polylines : Yes
Can Draw Styled Lines : Yes
Can Draw Wide Lines : Yes
Can Draw Wide, Styled Lines : Yes
Can Draw Markers : Yes
Can Draw Polymarkers : Yes
Can Draw Interiors : Yes

Driver Polygonal Capabilities
Can Draw Alternate-fill Polygons : Yes
Can Draw Winding-fill Polygons : Yes
Can Draw Rectangles : Yes
Can Draw Scan Lines : Yes
Can Draw Wide Borders : Yes
Can Draw Styled Borders : Yes
Can Draw Wide, Styled Borders : Yes
Can Draw Interiors : Yes

Driver Text Capabilities
Supports Stroke Clip Precision : Yes
Supports Stroke Output Precision : Yes
Supports Character Output Precision : Yes
Supports 90° Character Rotation : No
Supports Any Angle Character Rotation : No
Supports Independent X-Y Scaling : No
Supports Doubled Character for Scaling : No
Supports Integer Multiples for Scaling : No
Any Multiples for Exact Scaling : No
Can Draw Double-Weighted Characters : No
Can Italicise : No
Can Underline : Yes
Can Draw Strikeouts : Yes
Can Draw Raster Fonts : Yes
Can Draw Vector Fonts : Yes
Cannot Scroll Using BitBlt : No
Well try to touch your Video Card whiole running the game (near the GPU chip) and see if it is really hor or X800 Pro starts to do this in 70C, so I had to buy a new GPU cooler.
Tdot_EndemixAuthor Commented:
K, I touched the card and almost burnt my finger.  I can't see if the fan is going or not.  On the bottom of the card I made out on big black letters a logo, which was Palit..

So I couldn't keep my fingers on the card for more then a second or 2.  I'm thinking it shouldn't be like that? lol

What are my options for cooling if the fan is or isnt going?  Like maybe something homeade?  Case side open, fan blowing on it?  Keeping it just outside my room on the balcony LOL
WELL, if youre willing to spendsome money on this, then go to  (i can tell u which one to buy if you want), f youre not, then
1. take the card out of the agp slot(dont forget to disconnect the power) and clean your fan from dust.
2. have the case opened when the pc's running
3. put it in some cold place (mine is cooled from the wind out of the window :)

And it might just do the job.

Im glad I helped,


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Tdot_EndemixAuthor Commented:
So are we sure that it is in fact an overheating problem?  Should I cool it and test it and see if it works before i accept your answer or should I just accept it.
And also check the connection of the fan on the card. It might be disconnected or something (very thin, ussual white cable going from the card's cooler to the DC port ON the card itself.
Im definitely sure that this is an overheating problem, as all aspects going around here are saying it. It is upon you when you accept m answer. The hints I gave you might work on like 60%. If not, then you will have to buy yourself a GPU cooler (you can get one for like 30 bucks). Just make sure that you wait for like 5 mins after you put it outside (or wherever) for it to cool down.

Any questions about the cooler, send to me on

Thanks for making my start of the day nteresting :) and see u!
Before you you change any hardware, you can try removing the fan and the heatsink from the GPU. Then clean the fan thoroughly of all dust. Also add a very small amount of oil or fat to the fan. Clean the surface of your heatsink, where it touches the GPU, also clean the GPUs surface. Add a small amount of thermal compound to the heatsink and put everything back together, then test it.
Tdot_EndemixAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure how to do all that rindi.  Is there a link to a guide you could post, or write one yourself?
Tdot_EndemixAuthor Commented:
Okay, so I tested some stuff...

I had the computer off for a couple hours, then I turned it on, and immediately tried sims2.  At first it was a little choppy but seemed fine.  I played it for a few minutes and exited.  Then I tried Halo and it was all froze up like before.  So I'm sure it's overheating...and overheating quickly.

Does this sound right to anyone else?
It certainly looks like it is overheating.

No, I don't have a link and probably wouldn't be able to write a good guide myself, as I don't know exactly what your specific card looks like. But if you have a close look at the Card, you should be able to see for yourself how to do that, if you have a certain flair for hardware. It would be about the same if you were looking at a new cooling method.
Tdot_EndemixAuthor Commented:
I'll see what crazy cooling method i can come up with and get back to you.

Thanks Everyone!
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