Exim filter - convert html message body to plain text?

At work we use exim on redhat to forward mail sent to certain addresses on to a helpdesk database for logging customer requests sent by form submission or regular email.  This system works fine unless someone sends in an email in html.  As our office girls do not understand html it is very difficult for them to read such incoming requests and forward them to the relevant department.

Is there a way of converting all incoming mail to these addresses into plain text.  We have the messages being forwarded using the exim .forward file.

Any help would be appreciated.
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phreak7t7Author Commented:
I have downloaded a program called 'unhtml' which takes html as input and outputs plain text to std output.  I probably need to somehow filter all email through here before forwarding them on.  Should this be done using a transport  section in exim or is there a better approach?  Or am I going about this in completely the wrong way?

   You might want to set up procmail on the mail server to forward the emails to "unhtml" and let unhtml process the emails
before going to user's mail box.


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