HP PSC750 on network (print server) - scanning possible?

Hi all,

I recently purchased a Belkin 54G wireless USB print server to top off my home network. It workss well for printing from Win XP, ME and even MandrakeLinux 10.0 (the device is not supported for Linux but setup was actually EASIER than for Windows!)

I knew on buying the server that it did not support multifunction tasks (eg. scanning), and nor is the PSC 750 specified for use as a network printer.

However, 'never say never,' so I'm curious to know if some clever soul has found a way to enable scanning from the PSC750 (or similar) off a printserver. I don't know anything about the type of network processes involved, so for all I know it may be impossible or really easy.

Points set at 250 for an answer for either Windows or Linux, but will double if you can give me both!

EDIT: I forgot to say, 250 also given for an in-depth explanation of why (if) it is physically impossible.
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It may be possible, but:

Network print servers are quite limited in terms of the information that they can pass back across the network to the pc, some of them are really only one way devices, and scanning requires bidirectional communication.
Network scanners using TWAIN are quite bandwidth hungry, and often require faster communications than a parallel port can supply. They also invariably have a fast processor, 128Mb+ of memory (256 in the case of colour) and often a hard disk.
They also usually have a scsi connection to the scanner.
In addition, the speed differential between the parallel port and the network port on the server is not too much of a problem with printing, where the stream is mainly unidirectional and fairly simple, usually involving either text streams, postscript or PCL commands.
These are rendered by the print engine.
Scanning, however involves the direct transference of much more data, as it is basically transfering an uninterpreted colour bitmap to the PC, one line at a time, to be rendered by the PC.
Unless your device has a built in Raster image processor(unlikely) it is probably too much for the print server to queue and transmit.
Intel Print servers, for example, have a 486 processor and 4Mb of memory.
An A4 400 dpi 4colour image contains roughly 64Mb of data.


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Simply put you cant scan since AFAIK the print servers are set to be one way print servers. If you connect it to a computer and share it you can most certainly do all the multifunctgion tasks on the host computer.
Havin_itAuthor Commented:
Oh well.... Maybe sometime I'll shell out for a better one. There is a HP model that serves scans as well, but it's about £160 GB at the moment (and that for only 11.8b wifi speed). Cheers anyhoo!
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