Is there a relatively simple way to REALLY COMPLETELY clean my web history?

Have been using Cyberscrub and like programs thinking my web tracks were being cleared.  Installed Google desktop and to my dismay, I realized every URL I have ever visited is still available (with a copy of the page).  The google desktop search web history status tells me there are over 4000 entries somewhere on my computer available for search.  I have downloaded several "trial" programs that all give me the same results; they all tell me the history has been cleared but I can then go and do a google desktop search, it pulls up the url and a copy of the page that I just visited prior to running the so-call eraser program.

Any suggestions?

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Hello John_Emory =)

This is becoz when u celan the Temp internet files, u do it from Internet Options, which lefts the Index.dat file intact, and this file holds the information of all the web history :)

To delete this file, either boot ur system in safemode, and delete ALL ur temp interent files from there, or use a third party tool like Index.dat Suite to kill those Index.dat files >>

Moreover, dont forget to erase the AutoComplete Histroy from Internet Options>Content>AutoComplete section, and run Disk Cleanup on ur hard drive to erase all those Temp and extra files for Really cleaning ur system :)

Good Luck =)

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John_EmoryAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  The indexdatsuite program appears to have done the trick.  I am still puzzled by the fact that google desktop search status indicates there are still over 4000 items in web history.

yeah becoz they were all present in the Index.dat file :)

and now as the problem has solved, u can close this question, as u can see the Accept button infront of each comment which u got, u have to hit the button for that comment which solved ur problem, and then assign a grade according to the quality of help u got,,, that's all :)
for more info. on how to close a Question, plzz refer here >>

Thanx & Cheers ^_^
Hi John_Emory,
> I am still puzzled by the fact that google desktop search status
> indicates there are still over 4000 items in web history.

Just a suggestion. You need to index using google desktop again and see if it lists again.
In the previous suggestion ,it would have done those entries.

close desktop search , open it again , let it do the full indexing and then search and see.


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