A domain logged on machin cannot access shares on a workgroup machine on the same lan under xp SP2

I have a lan at home, there are 3 workgroup pcs on it that can access each others files. I also have my office laptop which I can put onto my home lan and then use a conventional VPN client to get to my offcie over the broadband router. All Machines are running xp sp2 except for one of the workgroup pcs which is still on sp1.

All of the workgroup comupters can access the doman laptop ( via appropriate share) using the domain logon and password  ( mach\logonname). But the domain laptop cannot access any of the workgroup pcs, it just comes up with  "you might not have permission to use this network resource"  invalid user name. I canot set teh domain username valid onto the workgroup ocs. I am sure that prior to sp2 on the laptop, i was simply prompetd to enter a valid workgroup user id and it then had access.

Anyone know what I should alter in my laptop to get this prompting back please?
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brianhardingAuthor Commented:
all are xp professional. With firewalls disabled at the connection level
brianhardingAuthor Commented:
and the laptopn can 'see' all of the workgroup computers in my networks, plus I can ping them. I just cannot get to their filesystems
this may help. quoted from http://www.chicagotech.net

Q: How can I share files between workgroup computer and domain/workgroup computer?

I have a home wireless network and share files and a printer between two computers.  I also use Win 2000/XP  laptop at work with domain network. How can I share files between these computers at home?

A: Deepening on your network setup, you may 1) Logon local laptop using the same logon id and password on both machine.
2) change workgroup name to match win2000 domain and the laptop needs to install at home first ad then join the domain .
3) without changing the workgroup name and logon ID, just enable guest account in win 2000/XP.
 4)  If you are running XP, enable Simple File Sharing.
5) logon domain user on the domain laptop (even the workgroup is different), use command net use \\workgroupcomputer /user:administrator, (here administrator is workgroup computer local administrator), the enter workgroup computer administrator password. You should be able to access the workgroup resources.

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brianhardingAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the prompt reply

1. I guess that means that a) I need to create a local user account of that name and B) need to logon as that rather than my domain account - dont really want to
 do that. I might as well copy the fiels to a memory stick to transfer them.
2. Sounds weird?
3. Alreasy tried that, the guest account is enabled, but it wont trhow up the network login box.
4. that works, but its wierd. , however I either have to run a script at startup which will fail when I am off the local lan, or run it each time I want access? Is there no way to make it prompt for username and password on access?
Try to use Map network drive with the option Connect using a different use name. Use a user name and a password that exists on the workgroup computer you want to connect.
brianhardingAuthor Commented:
crissand - thanks, I think thats option 4 in the previous reply. That does work and will now keep me going, bit risky having another's pc name and pw stored in a clear bat fle, but ..

Any offers on how to make it prompt me for user name and pw as it used to do ?
Only if you rename the work group like the netbios domain name, and activate netbios over tcp/ip on all machines.
brianhardingAuthor Commented:
Right, I geuss I am staying with the net use approach. it works aand I can get around its apin

thanks everyone
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