MSVC inline assembler equivalent of address operator "&"?

Dear all,

Why can i get the address of local variables in inline assembler in MSVC?

void func(
  int* a,
  int b
   int c;
   int* d;

  __asm mov eax, addressOf b ?
  (in C code , it would be: eax=&c)


thank you.
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Its address is ebp+12 in C-convention.
I think you need to use:
  __asm mov eax, offset b
hengck23Author Commented:
I tried the keyword OFFSET, but it doesn't work.
I think "OFFSET" only works in the main function.
You mean OFFSET works only for Global Data... Maybe you are right.
Again it is very simple:
  push ebp
  mov ebp, esp
Stack frame looks like:
  ebp                 [ebp]
  return address [ebp + 4]
  param1           [ebp + 8]
  param2           [ebp + 12]

In Pascal convention, you need to switch addresses of param1 and param2.

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hengck23Author Commented:

I know about  "param-N          [ebp + 4+N*4]". I was just wondering is there a MARCO expression for this in MSVC inline assember.
Can you try
  mov  eax, addr b
you want o say  :   lea    eax,[ebp+LocalVar]
void func( int* a,  int b)
   int c;
   int* d;

   //__asm mov eax, addressOf b ?
   _asm lea eax, b

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hengck23Author Commented:
I am looking for a MACRO expression. But I guess there is none. I would have to use "lea (to get address)" or ,"mov ... [EBP+ ... ] (to get value)" then.
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