Using atof with numbers that include a comma


I have this line of code:

float f= (float) atof ("1,024");

f turns into 1, not 1024.

why is the CRT treating comma as a period ? and if it is a period, where is the 1.024 value ?

anyway, I would like to retrieve a numeric value of 1024, how can that be done ?


is there a better, more modern C++ way to convert for alpha to numeric and vice versa ?


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C++ (or, in your case, C) does not have any standard method of dealing with numbers with commas.  atof parses the number up until the first invalid character (a non-numeric character that's not either a period or an 'E'), and stops there.  The best thing to do is to remove the commas before converting it.

A more C++ way to do it (again, without commas) would be to use the stringstream.  Something like:
double x;
istringstream number_stream("1024"); // Construct with the character string or std::string
number_stream >> x; // Extract from the stream

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moshemAuthor Commented:
how can I use

istringstream number_stream("1024");

a second time ?

is there a number_stream = 2048;

why is the C++ version better ? except for more order

Probably the easiest thing to do there is move it into a function, but if you're always working with char arrays, then using atof or atoi or whatever would work just fine.  The stringstream classes are just better because you can use them to convert any class that has a stream insertion operator into any other class that has a stream extraction operator.  For instance, you could write a template function that does this for you, like:

template<typename new_type, typename type>
new_type cast(const type &argument)
  std::stringstream stream;
  new_type result; // Variable to hold the result
  stream << argument;
  stream >> result;
  return result;

Then to cast back and forth between int and char array or std::string, something like:
  double x = cast<double>("1024"); // Cast it to a double
  cout << x << endl;
  std::string s = cast<std::string>(x); // Cast it back to a string
  cout << s << endl;

You could also use it on your own classes, like:
class A
  A(const int &value) : x(value) {} // Initialize it to the sent-in value

  friend std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &stream, const A &a);

  int x;

std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &stream, const A &a)
  stream << a.x;
  return stream;

class B
  void Print() { cout << "B::Print(): y = " << y << endl; }

  friend std::istream &operator>>(std::istream &stream, B &b);

  std::string y;

std::istream &operator>>(std::istream &stream, B &b)
  stream >> b.y;
  return stream;

Then cast back and forth like:
  A a(210);
  B b = cast<B>(a); // Cast A to B
  b.Print(); // Show the result

That being said, the C version is much more efficient.  This is just way more flexible.
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
To remove commas in C++ way, you can use this:

string amount = "1,234,567";
int br;
while((br = amount .find(',')) != string::npos) amount .erase(br, 1);

Now you can make conversion:

float f= (float) atof(amount .c_str());

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