internet cannot find page

installed a dsl linksys router at my office sat afternoon.  all seems to be communicating but cannot receive internet communication.  explorer attempts to open home page but message "CANNOT FIND SERVER" appears please advise. what can be done next.  thank you
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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
How many computers are connected to the router ?

If there are more than one , can you go to internet in the other machines ?

Have you temporarily turned off the firewall in the computer that is not able to go to internet and checked if that would help ?

can you ping any websites from that machine ?

Have you tried different browsers and different websites from the problematic machine to see if none of them work ?

Are you sure your configuration is correct of the router ?

Do this
turn off the router
turn off the cable modem
wait for 2 minutes
turn on the cable modem
once all the light come , turn on the router
now restart your computer
check if you are getting IP address by double-clicking on the 2 computer icon in the system tray
now check going to any website

Asta CuCommented:
Also use a LinkSys router, be sure you check your manual; likely you didn't do the admin process.
Asta CuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Sounds like a DNS issue, If you go to you can log into your router with username admin password admin.
Then check to see if you have any dns servers listed.
Try on your pc.
start>run and type CMD
in the command box type ipconfig /all
See if you have an IP address or any dns servers listed.
Did you set up the router with PPPoE and your DSL username and password?  If so, check the Status tab in the router admin page to make sure you have an internet IP address.
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