Outlook 2003 using imap just adds more folders

I have set up a profile for my wife using XP Pro SP2 and Outlook 2003 so she can collect her aol mail using outlook instead of AOL proprietary software. It worked OK at the first opening of Outlook except that the mail streamed in to an "second" inbox shown under AOL Account rather then the Personal Folders inbox I had expected. From browsing experts exchange I suspect this is inevitable. However, having logged back to my own profile and then back to my wife's, the next time I opened her Outlook the same messages streamed in to a second set of "AOL Account" folders so now there are 3 inboxes .....and her incoming mail is duplicated.

Can someone advise which of my settings are incorrect please? I need to get Outlook managing her AOL mail efficiently and not creating a new set of folders every time she accesses her mail!

I also noticed that both of the AOL Account folders were inaccessible if the broadband connection was not connected and the connection appeared to disconnect when I switched logins. In my own profile (using pop3 and smtp) all the folders are accessible all the time and it is only the send/receive function that requires ADSL connection enabled. Is this also a result of the imap type email?


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Hi rogerleclercq,

in that profile where you are dealing with IMAP and AOL,
open outlook
go to tools > email accounts > view or change existing email accounts

in that do you see your IMAP account and click on it to enable it
At the bottom of the window, do you see "delivery new email to the following location" and what is selected in that drop down box .. Can you point to a personal folder and see what happens next time you open that profile ?

rogerleclercqAuthor Commented:
What was selected was "Personal Folders". There was no dropdown option to change to anything but the second time I clicked the dropdown (tick, not an arrow?) it offered the option of AOL Account. I did not change and left it on Personal Folders.

I then closed and reopened Outlook, having connected to broadband, and the 3 sets of folders were there -

+ Personal Folders
+ AOL Account
+ AOL Account

The upper AOL Account would not expand - message: Unable to expand the folder. The server is not available. Contact your administrator.

The lower AOL Account would not expand - message: Unable to display the folder. This is the root of an IMAP store. The root does not contain messages but may have subfolders that do. To see messages in the subfolders display the folder list and click the subfolder.

I selected Go Folder List and was able to see and use the sub-folders (including an inbox with six unread messages) of the lower AOL Account

So far no more "AOL Account" sets have been generated(!)

Neither of the 2 AOL Account sets seem to show a delete option when right-clicked...

Hope this is informative and that you may have further advice!
Can you check if you can remove AOL account set going to file > date file management.

Donot delete just check
rogerleclercqAuthor Commented:
Hi sunray
The second AOL Account is no longer visible. I have not deleted anything but what I did do before I read your suggestion was:

Went to email accounts, view or change, selected one of the 2 AOL Accounts there and chose "more settings".

I then changed the name by which I wanted to view that account from "AOL Account" to "New imap acct" and exited. I hoped to differentiate between the two accounts to assist in the diagnostics.

On relaunching Outlook there was only one account now showing, but still entitled "AOL Account".

I then (sorry, went to watch TV!) read your message above and went back into the other profile to check if I could see the remove or delete option even though there was only the one account ... and found that the one visible account was now being shown as "New imap acct" .

So it appears that the original problem may have been caused by :

Calling the account itself "AOL Account" and on top of that using the exact same label as the name by which I wanted to view the account. If you think that was the cause of the folder being presented in duplicate then the problem is resolved. Any views?

I'd certainly appreciate keeping this query open for a day or so to see if the probem arises again.

Rgds - Roger
I tend to believe that your explanation is correct one for why you might have multiple folders.

As you say we should wait for few more days and see if that would reappear again



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