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I had until recently a home network XP Pro on my work Laptop and XP Pro on my desktop. All was well.

I have replaced my Desktop and the new one came with XP home rather than pro.
I can see the XP Home drives and folders that have been shared but cant see any printers (although I can see the printers folder).
I have 4 users set up (in addition to guest - which is enabled and another user called ASP.NET which I havent set up) each with their own "My Documents" folder.
I can see each folder but cannot get into them. I get a message saying the folder is not accessible, and that I may not have permission to access it.

As I can access other folders, my guess is that the permissions are at the XP home end rather than the xp pro end.

anyone got any ideas about this or the printers problem?
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Right-click the directory being shared on the xp home computer, and go to properties.  On the security tab, you should be able to set the permissions.  My default I believe that the "my documents" folders only allow access to the person who owns them, and the administrator.

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stummjAuthor Commented:
That pointed me enough in the right direction, thank you.

This is what you need to do.

1. Log in as an admin user
2. Grant each user admin rights.
3. Log into each user and set permissions as per adamdrayer's suggestion
4. Log user off
5. Log in as admin
6. Revoke admin rights to users.

It seems that even an administrator cannot grant permissions to other users home directory, nor will any permissions he sets higher in the hierarchy be inherited by individual users home directories.

stummjAuthor Commented:
Also the printer problem was cured  - there is a property of the printer. Right click ... sharing...
Glad I could help!  Thanks for the points
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