Making GSM modem info HOW??? (AT commands) with Visual Basic 6 MSCOMM!!!! URGENT !!!!

Hello, needed help ! URGENT ! ! !

Im developing small aplication based on MSCOMM control that allows to
connect my mobile phone to serial port and comunicate through data cable
(for receiving sms, modem information and so on).
Im wish to develop one window in witch user can see mobile phone info (manufacturer, model,
software revision, mobile network..etc) when mobile phone are connected to COM port.

I know AT commands, and i send it to mobile phone and i recieve result..but..i dont know how to place it
right next to object (for example Model: (result).

I have made buffer(text box) witch gives me current status of mobile response
(when i sending for example ATI3 command to mobile phone - > in buffer i see command, result, and OK)

I every case, i see in buffer command i send, result and OK..but i need only result to be placed next to object Model:

Here i my case: i send ATI3, and receive this in my text box: (have Ericsson R600)


Thats for mobile model..Now i need one window like this:

Manufacturer: (result)
Model: (result)
Software revision: (result)
IMEI: (result)

Now, i need to place result (3102001-BVR600) next to Model: in some kind (text box, label, or what)???

Problem is, that i can only with all modem response proces place next to Model: (ATI3 102001-BVR600 OK)

I need only result to be placed next to Model: not ATI3 and OK. Only 102001-BVR600. I dont know how do that..
Same thing is when i receive sms. SMS got time, date, some REC READ command, and message..
I dont know how to categorize this to time, date, message..whole ressult that i receive is in one sentence..

PLEASE, HELP ME..with code, please. PLEASE...

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According to GSM 07.07 and standard ATA commands the following is the case:

AT+CGMI:    Manufacture Identification
AT+CGMM:  Model Identification
AT+CGMR:   Software Revision Identification
AT+CGSN:    Serial Number Identification (IMEI)

Anyway, I know for a fact that this works for all Nokia models supporting AT commands and I assume this is the case for other GSM phones as well!

:o) Martin

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 As I understood you, you actually need to analize responds from your GSM device, which are in form of strings. If you are
using VB, you can simply test all responds from your device ( or responds you need) and since they are standardized, eg.
every SMS will use same format, you can use simple string operations in VB ( Left$() Right$() Mid$() ) to extract pieces of data
you need, and display them as label caption, eg. Label1.Caption = Mid$(respond$, 10,4) if you need part which starts at 10th
character and is 4 characters long.

Use separate, simple text box for receiveng responses, and set eg. Text1.Visible = False. So, previous example would look like
Label1.Caption = Mid$(Text1.Text, 10, 4), or in case of "3102001-BVR600", assuming that Text1 contains "3102001-BVR600" as text, Label1.Caption = Right$(Text1.Text,4), which will return "R600" as Label1.caption.
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