Closing an application with popup showing gives Abstract Error...

Well here is the problem...
A little while ago I started using that Actionbands update in most of my  menu's. (including my popup menu's; <= TPopupActionBarEx)
Now I've noticed that when the main popup menu is open and I close my application I get an Abstract Error.
I tried debugging my program but this error appears when the debugger is already gone through my code...(After the FormClose Event).

If I change my popup menu's back to the origional style (TPopupMenu) and I close my app with the popup open, it all closes smoothly without any errors...

It would be a shame to convert any of my popup menus back to old style, it just doesn't look the same...

Thanks a lot for your time!
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try not to free anything yourself
i know that you have memory leaks in this way but it is for testing purposes only.

if you don't get the error you know that you free something that is later used
(or maybe freed) by the program.
this should give you a starting point

SamballAuthor Commented:
Thanks Alfred,
this gives me a better inside, well...a little any way.

When I leave out all the Freeing of the objects I get the following error:

Exception EAccessViolation even before the Abstract Error

And this is comming from an Array of TTabsheets I created along the way, but if I destroy just these TTabsheets and the popup is open at closing time, I still get the Abstraction Error.

Could it be that I am doing something wrong with my creation/Freeing?
This is what I am doing:

      tabSheetArray: array of TTabSheet;

procedure TForm.newTab();
     tabSheetArray[pageCount] := TTabSheet.Create(self);
     tabSheetArray[pageCount].Visible := false;
     tabSheetArray[pageCount].PageControl := myPageControl;
     tabSheetArray[pageCount].Visible := true;

procedure TForm.FormClose(Sender: TObject; var Action: TCloseAction);
     oI : integer;
     for oI := 0 to pageCount - 1 do        

Any suggestions...?

you create the tabsheets with the owner set to self:
   tabSheetArray[pageCount] := TTabSheet.Create(self);

that means when self (your form) is destroy it will destroy all
controls it is owner of.

so there are two ways to do it
1.create the tabsheets with nil and free them yourself
    tabSheetArray[pageCount] := TTabSheet.Create(nil);

2. create them with self and comment the free code in the formclose method as
   the form will do that for you


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SamballAuthor Commented:
Well, I found the error...well kind off...
What I did in the onCloseQuery was write to an Ini file.
When I took this out and the popup was open it didnt give me any errors anymore, If I run the app without delphi (the .exe).
Else when running it in Delphi I still get the error...
For now, this is good enough for me...

Thanks a lot for your help...
You put me on the right path...

i'm glad that i was able to help
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