replacing a corrupt template on the server

Hi All

My boss fixed a problem onsite the other day and I'd like to know how.

Sorry if this is vague I'm getting this second-hand.  Prob was that user wasn't getting mail.  When they replaced the mail file it wasn't working so had to replace a template on the server.

I googled and found plenty of stuff on replacing designs but not server templates.  Must be the same for any old template - has anyone got a link to detailed instructions.  Much TIA.
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Usually it is done by copying the template from other server or install disk

ausadminAuthor Commented:
Do you have to take anything offline while you do this?  Any impact on operations?
ausadminAuthor Commented:
Other question is the std new user template - is it names.ntf  If not what template is it generated off?
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for mail template:

or iNotes5.ntf

The above is for R5

if it is MD6,
and StdmailR6 or ND6.

U can look for help for detailed explanation of templates.

U can do refresh/replace of design of mail template either from Server or Notes client.
I prefer Server.

Since ur user is working in remote, tell him to do it locally.
Is this what you are looking at?

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And if you are looking how to replace a template on server, then it is simple.

Install server on any other machine.

Copy the template which u want to place in DOmino server.

Shutdown server. And remove old template by renaming it and place the new template.

Then start server.
ausadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks madheeswar - exactly what I wanted to know.
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