Movie Clip Problem


I am majorly frustrated with flash at the moment.

When I place a movie clip on the stage it does not play. I have a "stop()" command on the first frame of the movie clip to avoid it playing automatically, but when I ask it to gotoAndPlay(2); it does nothing??? All movie clips instances are named correctly and all target synatx is correct, _root.movieclipname.gotoAndPlay(2)...

I am beginning to think it is some type of setting or application error... Can anyone help me?????
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Where is the stop sentence??
Maybe your stopping the hole movie instaed of just stopping the movie clip. change the stop sentence for this.stop(); and see what happends.
hope this is of some use
doesn't sound like any obvious problem.

if you've still not come right with this, I'd suggest uploading your file somewhere and we'll have a look.

I've had this kind of problem in the past, although I'm still not sure what caused it.  The only thing I could do to fix it at the time, was to put another keyframe after the stop(), and put play() into the second keyframe.  Otherwise, and I guess you have already done this, ensure you have no errors appearing in the output window.


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