FrontPage 2002 Database Connection Errors

I am trying to set up an MS Access database on a site to gather data generated by a form. Whether I go through the Database Interface Wizard or simply right click the form and select Form Properties, then select Send to Database/Options, I keep getting one or two error messages. The first one is when I click on Create Database. The error message says:
"Server error: Unable to retrieve the list of record sources from a database using the connection string:
DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=URL=fpdb/Contact_Us.mdb.
The following error message comes from the database driver software; it may appear in a different language depending on how the driver is configured.
Source: ADO
Number: -2146824584 (0x800a0e78)"

Yet, it does create a .mdb file with the proper headings. Then if I click Okay, the next error msg says:
"A valid database table is required."

If I select the drop down menu Table to Hold Form Results, there is no table on the list. How can this all to work? I have searched the Microsoft FrontPage help pages, talked to tech support of the ISP, etc. Nobody seems to have the answer. I have a feeling it's like a magic trick - once you know how it's done it seems easy, but until then it's mystifying.  It must not be very complicated, since FrontPage and Access are designed to work together seamlessly. And yes, I do have FP Server Extensions installed on the web site.

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Forget about your errors now.  I do not recommend creating a database using the form.

01- Create a new database on your desktop
02- Create a table in it,  put in the tables the fields that will be available in the form  (name the fields without spaces)
03- Import the database to your web using Frontpage
04- Save the database in the fpdb file when you are asked
05- Go to Tools>Web Settings >Databases and verify the database
06- Create the form.  The form should have the same fields that are in the table.  Give the form fields the exact names of the table.

i.e:  If the table has EmployeeID,  EmployeeDept, Salary  the form field names should be exactly the same.

07- Right Click the form and select properties
08- Select the database that you imported and then the table
09- Go to Saved fields and double click on each field to select it's match in the table
10- Save everything.

This is a healthier way in doing things.  


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If you tried my steps and you still get the error then read this article:

Blue_JayAuthor Commented:
Thank you, hhammash. I followed your steps, but got the same error. I think that the Microsoft KB article may be correct -- that there are missing components that the server administrator must install in order for this to work. We shall see.
Good luck
Blue_JayAuthor Commented:
Hhammash -- Thank you for the link to the MS KB article. It did turn out to be a problem on the ISP's server. They couldn't find the problem, but when they moved the site to a new server the problem was gone!
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