size() of vector gives type conversion warnings


I recently inherited this library (the source code) which uses STL vectors. I'm running it in VC++ v7.0.9466 and .NET framework 1.0.3705, and everytime i compile, i get a whole bunch of warning messages about "conversion from 'size_t' to 'blah', possible loss of data."

For example, the code below will produce 2 such warnings.

#include <vector>
void main() {
      std::vector<unsigned int> temp(5);

      int foo = temp.size();
      unsigned bar = temp.size();

I understand that the size() method returns a type of size_t, which explains the warning messages.  But is there a way to make VC++ detect that for example it is actually an unsigned and not produce unnecessary warnings? Even though the warnings are harmless, I just don't like getting tons of warning messages everytime I compile.

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Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
size_t is in fact an unsigned integer, so you can use:

unsigned int foo = temp.size();

But, why not to use this instead?

size_t foo = temp.size();

Anyway, to avoid an specific warning message you can use a pragma directive in the top of your files:

#pragma warning( disable : 9999 )

where 9999 is a warning code.
No, size_t is defined as 'unsigned __int64', so '(un)signed int' is in fact too short.  You need to put in explicit casts or use size_t to store the results to get rid of the warnings.  To cast:

#include <vector>
void main() {
     std::vector<unsigned int> temp(5);

     int foo = static_cast<int>(temp.size());
     unsigned bar = static_cast<unsigned>(temp.size());

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SelconAuthor Commented:
is that the best way to deal with these warnings?

so in all projects that use STL vector, there will be static_cast<> all over the place, especially in loops across elements in a vector, etc.? or there will be size_t all over the place i suppose.

Yes, without disabling the warning, those are your choices.  

I try to use size_t where I can and then use static_cast to handle cases where the target value is already a smaller integer type.
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