Error when trying to delete emails from Outlook

My outlook.pst file is 1.3 gigs, my archive.pst is 1.8 gigs.  Running Windows XP with latest SP installed, and Outlook 2002.

When I try to delete an email from my inbox, or move an email to the deleted items folder a message is returned "The messaging interface has returned an unknow error.  If the problem persists, restart Outlook."  If only it was that easy :-)

I have run scanpst.exe.  Any suggestions?
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Hi Quest1127,

Is your outlook 2002 fully updated ?

Did you run scanpst by this method
go to start --> run --> C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033
in that open scanpst file
Once it is open , browse and give the location of the outlook.pst file

Does the error come if you delete any email or just a particular email ?

Try creating a new profile going to control panel > mail > show profiles .
create your email account there. , import the PST and check how it goes

This is normally because the Deleted Items folder is too full or has corrupted items in it.  If possible right click your Deleted Items folder and choose to "empty the deleted items folder", this is normally a quick and easy solution to this error (how quick depends on how many items are in your deleted items folder of course).  Obviously if you need the items in your Deleted Items folder for some reason this isn't a good solution.

Do you have archiving set up on the Deleted Items folder?  And does the Deleted Items folder in your archive file contain items that meet the timeline of your auto archive options for that folder, giving the indication that it is archiving as desired?

Is the archive PST file displayed in the folder list?  If so right click on it, choose close, and then restart Outlook and see if the problem continues.  This won't stop archiving from occurring, it just won't display the PST file in the folder list.  You can re-add it thru FILE->OPEN.

Do you receive an error message number like 0x80048002 by any chance?
Quest1127Author Commented:
I am now fairly sure that there is a problem with the outlook.pst file.  I renamed my outlook.pst file and restarted Outlook.  Outlook created a new pst file and I sent a test email and was able to delete it.  When I renamed the original file to outlook.pst, I was back to the same problem of not being able to delete emails....or empty the deleted items folder.

Perhaps that is the answer....create a new outlook.pst file, however, how do I get all of my contacts (1700 of them) calendar appointments, tasks, and notes into the pst file?

Sunray...I did run scanpst via the method that you outlined above.

Travel....I have 130 items in the Deleted Items folder.  Won't allow me to empty the folder.  I have no items in the Archived deleted items folder.
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OK, good, since you are unable to empty the Deleted Items folder that appears to be where the PST corruption is at, which would explain your inability to detete items as well.  Change your profile so that you are using the new PST file instead of the old one.  Then go to FILE->IMPORT & EXPORT->IMPORT FROM ANOTHER PROGRAM OR FILE and choose the old Personal Folder (PST) to import from.  You will be given the option to choose which folders you want to import from.  Choose any that have data you need but make sure not to import the Deleted Items folder.  Then you should be fine.

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There shouldnt be a problem for you to shift delete a folder or a file. If i am not mistaken your are loading both outlook.pst and archive.pst when the outlook is started. Outlook supports a maximum of 2 gb size for pst, but it will start giving all sorts of problem, when ur pst reaches 1.5gb.

I agree with traval, best solution is create a new pst, and then import selected folders needed.
Quest1127Author Commented:

That worked!  Outlook is good again.

Thanks for your help.
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