End Task to Norton Antivirus

I am running Windows 2000 on a dual P3 1000 machine and 700+ MB of RAM.  When I log off, shut down, or restart I receive a window stating to end task to norton antivirus.  If I let it be, then it will automatically end the task and then finish performing the task I have performed.  The version of Norton Anti-virus I am using is 2002 and this has been a recent problem.  I have looked into this some and have not found one answer to the problem, and have already edited the registry to shutdown longer to allow all processes to close properly, but still no help there.  Any suggestions would be helpful.
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Hello Wildstar1221 =)

May be there is another running application that is conflicting with Norton, so try this,
Goto Start>Run>msconfig>Startup
and untick all applications except Norton Entries
then in Services section, click on Hide Microsoft Services, and untick those services which are not of Norton
Restart ur system and now check for the problem ??

If it doesn;t happen now, then re-enable them back one by one and trace out the culprit one, and if still hangs, then i think Norton needs an uninstallation and reinstallation :)
ooops..... thanx sunray 8-)
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i'd try to repair the norton antivirus install by going to the control panel under the administrator panel..  if a repair install doesn't work, i'd remove it and reinstall the program completely.


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i am agree with sheharyaar saahil. But the problem is in windows 2000 msconfig does not work its only work in xp or 98 or lower version then 98. so its better you uninstall all the software which is useless. you also download presently i forgot the name of that software its freeware, after installation of that software you are able to see startup file. After this if your problem ia not solve repair your antivirus.
1. Have you configured you norton antivirus to scan floppy drive at shut down?
2. Do you get the name of any specific norton component like ccApp.exe or something [I dont know whether this is there in NAV 2002 or not, just trying to be clear]
3. Windows waiting for norton antivirus to shut down might be harmless after all. Norton might be trying to shut down services it had just started befor you shutdown or that are running at the time of shut down. So , this might take time.
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
Get rid of Norton and use AVG pro, they have a network edition !
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
www.grisoft.com , I forgot to mention there website, ooppps :( sorry !
Wildstar1221Author Commented:
I have been so busy I forgot about my question, until last night when my girl brought it up again.  I went ahead and uninstalled the program and reinstalled it and everything seems fine.  Still don't know why exactly it just all the sudden started happening though.  Hopefully it stays in good working order from here on out.  Sorry about forgetting about the question.  Winner I guess would be egiblock
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