Rotate Textboxes in Word

I have multiple textboxes on my word document. How can i programmatically go from textbox to textbox and rotate each individual textbox?
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you mean another way besides the "change text direction" option?
Chris BRetiredCommented:
Record a macro whilst doing the text direction change, then edit it to see how it was done. The text direction bit looks like this - Selection.Orientation = wdTextOrientationUpward

Chris B
just a note to clarify, you won't be able to rotate the text boxes just change the direction of the text within them.
I don't think you can do it programmatically. Macros require that they 'know' the object that they're working on. You will need to select all the text boxes and then run the macro, which kind of defeats the object of running a macro.

You could select the first box, perform the rotation operation via the menus, then select the remainder of the boxes and press F4. (This key is the 'repeat previous command key')
Chris BRetiredCommented:
A Macro can select the text boxes one after the other, then rotate the text - eg.

ActiveDocument.Shapes("Text Box 1").Select
    Selection.Orientation = wdTextOrientationUpward
    ActiveDocument.Shapes("Text Box 2").Select
    Selection.Orientation = wdTextOrientationDownward
    ActiveDocument.Shapes("Text Box 3").Select
    Selection.Orientation = wdTextOrientationUpward
    ActiveDocument.Shapes("Text Box 4").Select
    Selection.Orientation = wdTextOrientationDownward

So if you store this in, it would work with any doc containing text boxes, and give you a choice of individual directions or to miss particular boxes, but if you want to do them all the same every time, MBarbers comment will do it.

Chris B

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