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I have a Windows 2003 server and VPN is installed and I can connect to the IP without a problem, but once the connection takes place and I have my mapped drives all in place, I lose my connection to MSN and my wireless internet connection to a high spee cable modem begins to go on and off ( I lose my connection then get it back again).

Once I sign off of my VPN, I can connect to everything else just fine.

My VPN is also very slow.

Any ideas?
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This is by design.  When you connect to a VPN, you are no longer able to connect to the internet.   This keeps the network safe, because you are connected to the internet and the network at the same time, and internet nasties could find their way onto your network without the shield of your firewall.

But many many people want to be able to do it anyway.  It's called "split tunneling"  Here is a good article about it:

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this may help. quoted from

Can't access the Internet while using VPN

Symptom: after establishing a VPN connection, you may not be able to access the Internet because the VPN takes over your existing connection and all traffic to use the VPN default gateway on the remote network. The remote network may not allow VPN clients to access the Internet via their gateway.

1) If you don't need to access the entire VPN resources, disable the "use default gateway on remote network" option in the properties of the VPN connection.  To do that, go to VPN Connection->Properties->Network->TCP/IP->Properties->Advanced-, uncheck  "Use default gateway on Remote Network".
2) Edit route table manually if you know how to or check routing page on this web site.
3) For the security reason, some firewall/routers like Cisco PIX do not allow access the Internet after establishing the VPN and you cannot modify the routing table. You may setup split-tunnel.
Hold on there! Thier is NO VPN Rule that connot connect to the internet when connected to the VPN !

What it dose is sets you up as node on the VPN network, dose disconnect you from your loacl network, but if the vpn network has internet access a node on that network will internet access or that what the VPN network has access to.

it depends...  The external interface of the firewall may be configured to drop incoming packets that have an external destination.  If he wants to route his internet connection through the company's internet connection when he is attached to the VPN, we have to examine the company's internal routing, and the ACL of the devices located there.
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