How to Return more than one value from a VBScript Function

How do you return additional return values for a VBScript function besides the value that is returned by setting the function name to the return value?
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dba123Author Commented:
I don't think you understand.  I want to take this function and return not only StatusColor but an additional variable in my Case statment that I could grab after the function has been called:

      Dim totalused, status, totalspace

      strSQL3 = "sp_Get_DiskSpaceUsed @ResourceID=" & ResourceID
      Set Query3 = objConnection.Execute(strSQL3)

      status = "open"
      totalused = 0

      If Not Query3.EOF Then
            totalspace = Query3("totalspace")
            totalspace = 0
      End If

      Set Query3 = Query3.NextRecordSet

      '### get total space used by all users for this resource and set flag
            If NOT Query3.EOF Then
                  Do While NOT Query3.EOF
                        totalused = totalused + Query3("spaceused")
            End If

            Set Query3 = Nothing

      '### Check space left; Leave 10 gigs free or else full
            If totalused > totalspace - 11 Then
                  status = "full"
            End If

      '### Check to see if I'm using this resource and set flag if so
            strSQL3 = "sp_Check_DoIUseThisResource @CheckedOutByID=" & EmployeeID & ", @ResourceID=" & ResourceID
            Set Query3 = objConnection.Execute(strSQL3)
            If Not Query3.EOF Then
                  status = "me"
            End If

            set Query3 = Nothing

            Select Case status
                  Case "open"
                        StatusColor = "<img src=""images/gr.gif"" border=""0"">"
                  Case "full"
                        StatusColor = "<img src=""images/rd.gif"" border=""0"">"
                  Case "me"
                        StatusColor = "<img src=""images/bl.gif"" border=""0"">"
            End Select

End Function
try returning an array

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dba123Author Commented:
so basically what you are saying is that I'd do something like this:

Function FunctionName(parameter1,....)

Dim temparray()

<code to fill in array with values>

FunctionName = temparray()

End Function

Then I'd access those values just like FunctionName is an array doing something like FunctinName(2) ?
probably easier to declare two global variables and set them in the function
another way is to pass one parameter byref and then use that var to return a value:

Function GetRGB(ByVal hex, ByRef red, ByRef green, ByRef blue)

  If Not IsNumeric(hex) Then
    red = 0
    Greeen = 0
    blue = 0
    Exit Function
  End If

  ' ... extract red green and blue values here and place them in the right vars
End Function

Dim red, green, blue

Call GetRGB( 1234567, red, green, blue)

Response.Write "Red value: " & red & "; Green value: " & green & "; Blue value: " blue & ";"

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One other option is to create your own object and then use the function to set your properties.

dba123Author Commented:
so you don't have to set the function's name to the output value?  You can setup variables and then access them from any function like this?
dba123Author Commented:
>> ' ... extract red green and blue values here and place them in the right vars

can you elaborate?
Here is what I had in mind:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<title> New Document </title>
<script language="VBScript">
Class objSpace
            Public SpaceAvailable
            Public SpaceUsed
            Public ObjectStatus
End Class

Dim objDBA123
sub showMe()
      Set objDBA123 = New objSpace
      objDBA123.SpaceAvailable = 100
      objDBA123.SpaceUsed = 50
      objDBA123.ObjectStatus = "The Status is fine!"
end sub

sub displayValues
      call showMe()
      msgbox objDBA123.SpaceUsed
      msgbox objDBA123.SpaceAvailable
      msgbox objDBA123.ObjectStatus
end sub


<body onLoad=displayValues>
ok, in vbscript you can pass a variable to a function (or sub) one of two ways: byref and byval.  Byval copies the value of the variable to a new variable when calling the function, so that any modification of the variable inside the function does not modify the original value.  ByRef, on the other hand, passes a reference to the original variable to the function so that when you edit it inside the function you are editing the origninal variable and not just a copy of its value.  You could  still return a value from a function just as you always have before in addition to passing variables byref and using them as return variables.

As for the "function" that I made up... I did just that... I didn't actually spend the time to make the function.  Basically though, the intention of the function was to extract color values from a six character hex string commonly used in html to represent colors, like "#FFFFFF" for white, "#000000" for black, and everything in between.  To complete this function you would have to separate the characters into three groups: "FF-FF-FF" -- representing "Red-Green-Blue" respectively.  Then convert each of these values into numeric format and store them in the appropriate variables.  This function does all that:

Function GetRGB(ByVal strHex, ByRef red, ByRef green, ByRef blue)
      If Left(strHex, 1) = "#" Then
            strHex = Right(strHex, Len(strHex)-1)
      End If
      If Len(strHex) <> 6 Then
            red = 0
            green = 0
            blue = 0
            GetRGB = False
            Exit Function
            red = CInt("&H" & Left(strHex, 2))
            green = CInt("&H" & Mid(strHex, 3, 2))
            blue = CInt("&H" & Right(strHex, 2))
            GetRGB = True
            Exit Function
      End If

End Function

Dim test, red, green, blue
test = "#ffc0c0"
If GetRGB(test, red, green, blue) Then
      Response.Write(test & " is a valid color comprised of Red: " & Red & " Green: " & green & " Blue: " & blue)
      Response.Write(test & " is not a valid color")
End If
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