Solaris 9, atlas3.6.0 install failing

I am attempting to install atlas.3.6.0 onSolaris, but it is core dumping.  Here are the steps and the output...

1. I downloaded the atlas3.6.0.tar file from
2. untar
3. cd ATLAS
4. PATH=$PATH:/usr/local:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/lib
5. make config

I get the following output...

Enter number at top left of screen [0]: 160

Before going any further, check
This is the ATLAS errata file, which keeps a running count of all known
ATLAS bugs and system problems, with associated workarounds or fixes.

Have you scoped the errata file? [y]:

Configure will ask a series of questions, in one of two forms.  The first form
of question is a menu of choices.  One option in almost all menus is
'Other/UNKNOWN'.  If you are unsure of the answer, always choose this option.
The second form of question is a single line, with a default answer shown in
square braces.  If you hit return without typing anything, this default answer
will be used.  Again, if you are unsure of the answer, simply accept the

ATLAS can detect almost everything it needs to know, so choosing the default
or 'Other/UNKNOWN' will at worst simply extend the install time (if you tell
config the answer to something ATLAS can skip some tests).

Configure makes no changes to the state of things until all questions have
been asked and answered.  Therefore, if you get confused and want to start
over, feel free to break out of this program (CTRL-C, CTRL-BREAK, etc)
and start again.  Alternatively, if you make a mistake you can finish the
configure process, and then edit the created make include file by hand to fix
the mistake manually (the name and location of this file will be printed
out at the end of configure).

If you have problems during configure or installation, consult the file

Are you ready to continue? [y]:
Probing to make operating system determination:
Operating system configured as SunOS

Probing for architecture:
Architecture is set to SunUSIII

Probing for supported ISA extensions:
   AltiVec: NO.
   AltiVec: NO.
   SSE2: NO.
   SSE1: NO.
   3DNow2: NO.
   3DNow1: NO.

ATLAS can provide SMP support for the Level 3 BLAS via Posix threads.
If you choose to build a threaded library, ATLAS will compile all
aspects of the library (including the serial components) with the
threaded compiler/link flags.  Most machines can use the serial
library even when it is compiled with threaded options, but this
is not guaranteed to work, so if you want a true serial library,
answer no to threading below.
   enable Posix threads support? [y]:
Number of CPUs: 2

Looking for compilers (this may take a while):
   /usr/local/bin/gcc  : v3.4.2
   /usr/ucb/cc -dalign -fsingle -xO5 -native rejected
   /opt//sfw/share/screen/utf8encodings/cc  rejected
   cc -dalign -fsingle -xO5 -native rejected
   /usr/ucb/cc -dalign -fsingle -xO2 -native rejected
   /opt//sfw/share/screen/utf8encodings/cc  rejected
   cc -dalign -fsingle -xO2 -native rejected
   f77 -dalign -native -xO5 rejected
*** Signal 11 - core dumped
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `config'

HELP!!  I need atlas to get some libraries I need to make some more Python garbage work.  Based on all my experiences so far, I think I would rather eat slugs than work with Python any more, but not my call :-)
Mike R.Asked:
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It looks like it ry to use the broken Solaris cc complier, please check the Makefile to see
which complier is in used. (modify the Makefile, or try:
export CC

and also set PATH, and LD_LIBRARY_PATH to use gcc and the glib etc as well.

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Mike R.Author Commented:
Well, here's some interesting things.  I did verify the "CC" was set to gcc, however...if I actually let the configure point the the SUN cc, it will function, but later errors out when trying to build some of the package.  The configure scripts makes mention of not being able to find the Fortran compiler (which I don't think we have on the system) but will allow the configure to complete without it.  The above failue (core) seems to be when the configure is first trying to determine if there is a fortran compiler (f77).
Mike R.Author Commented:
Well...I cheated.  I expanded the source files, and copied the includes and the libs into place...and scrapped the rest of the install.  I just needed the libs for the numpy install, and it was OK with, good enough if it works.

Thanks again for the efforts though! :-)
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