CompTIA Security+ Certification. Really Worth It ?

After reading some information about different certifications out there, and reading other articles on the internet about security issues.  I'm starting to get interested in the Security+ certification from CompTIA.

Anyone out there have this?   recommend this over others?  good/bad?  just looking for comments out there from people who have studies and possibly even taken the test..  

just trying to figure out if it's worth my time and effort right now with everything else that i have going on in my life.

~~ a bit about me ~~
i'm 3 classes away from my BS in CS.
no certifications
been around computers for 10 years now.
been working full-time in the IT industry for 2 years now

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CompTIA Security+ certification is a good entry-level certification for an individual with two years on-the-job networking experience, with emphasis on security. The exam covers industry-wide topics, including communication security, infrastructure security, cryptography, access control, authentication, external attack and operational and organization security. Should be good for general knowledge, building concepts and awareness in IT Security. IMHO, a good starting point for whatever IT field that you're going into...

IMHO, finish your BS first then take this certification. Pace yourself. Too much load might not be a good thing...;-).
I would take that cert if you are interested in going into network security if it is your first certification.  First like said above finish your 3 classes.  I am actually lightly studying for this exam at the moment.  I just finished my CCNA a month ago and am interested in it.  If you would like some info besides what is stated on the test website, I would checkout Nver tried any of their study guides or anything like that.  But it has a lot f useful cert info, and also gives you the ability to do a comparison of up to three certs at a time.  I think it is a good cert to pursue if you are looking to validate your basic security knowledge like I am. Since it is your first exam, maybe you might want to look into the network +.  Some of these cert exams are tricky.    Good luck in whatever you choose.  Let me know how it all works out.

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Some interesting articles relating to Security+ cert usefulness...
Apply Your Credentials to Microsoft Certifications

Looking at the Security+ Certification

Adding security certifications and experience to your IT skill set is an undeniable way to significantly increase your worth. Even during the downturn of the IT employment market of the past couple years, those with security experience and skills were often able to stay in demand. Several security certifications exist. There are certifications that range from entry-level to advanced in their content and experience requirements. Some of the upper-level security certifications that one might look into include the CISSP, SANS Institute certifications, and Cisco security exams. Since you are just beginning in the IT security world, one of the better recognized entry-level security certifications is the Security+ certification.

The Security+ Certification
The Security+ Certification is increasingly becoming the standard for entry-level security certification. It is an elective or prerequisite for more advanced security certifications and Microsoft's MCSA credential. The exam tests a broad range of security knowledge expected of entry-level security professionals. The exam has been written and reviewed by IT security experts from the corporate world, government, and academia to ensure that it is a valid exam.

It is critical to understand that this is not an entry-level exam for someone just beginning in the IT field. The Security+ certification is intended for someone who has two years of networking experience plus some experience with network security experience. This is only "entry-level" in the sense of someone new to the IT security field. CompTIA recommends that the Security+ candidate have a Network+ certification or equivalent experience.

Security+ Facts
The following list contains important facts related to the Security+ exam:

- The exam is 100 questions long with 90 minutes allowed for completion.
- A score of 764 on a scale of 100-900 is required for passing.
- Pearson VUE and Prometric testing centers offer the Security+ exam.
- The test code for the Security+ exam is SY0 - 101.
- The price for the Security+ exam is $225 (for non-corporate members).
IT security is a growing and dynamic field. The need for trained and experienced IT security professionals provides a fantastic career path that can lead to great responsibilities and rewards. Becoming an IT security professional will certainly require education, certification, and time on the job. To begin this journey, practicing network technicians will find the Security+ certification a good foundation to begin with. Passing this exam demonstrates that the candidate possess the foundational security knowledge that the industry recognizes as suitable for work as an IT security professional.

Hope this makes it clearer...;-)
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