how to implement __fastcall for __declspec(naked) function?

Dear all,

I have just finished coding my __declspec(naked) function.
I want to pass variables through the registers. What are the important things i must take note?

__declspec(naked) void function( ...){

void someCallingFunction(...){
  //what must i do here?
  //what must i do here?
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>>I want to pass variables through the registers. What are the important things i must take note?
Just don't use the registers which have been reserved for other purposes.
1. ebp, esp, ---> reserved for stack manipulation, don't pass your variables through these register
2. eax --->usually used as return value, but here I think you still can use it to pass your variables
You can search "Argument Passing and Naming Conventions" in MSDN
Keyword                         Stack cleanup                         Parameter passing
__cdecl                           Caller                                    Pushes parameters on the stack, in reverse order (right to left)
__stdcall                         Callee                                    Pushes parameters on the stack, in reverse order (right to left)
__fastcall                        Callee                                    Stored in registers, then pushed on stack
thiscall(not a keyword)     Callee                                    Pushed on stack; this pointer stored in ECX
So if you want to use __fastcall Conventions, you should clear the stack in your Callee function(...),
you can do it like this, e.g
__declspec(naked) void __fastcall function(int a, int ...)
  ret  x  ; Here, clean the stack! x = number of your parameters * 4


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You may find not a lot of speed increase.. If the top-level language is C or C++, then on some level it is likely the compiler has to generate code to save and restore the registers.   If you've pushed that overhead out of a loop, that's good.  But it's also possible to confuse the C compiler's optimizer this way-- this can lead to overall SLOWER code.   Try it both ways and see.

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