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I used to have a site ( which hosted some files. However, I switched servers and have added to the new server. Now the problem is, a lot of people still do not know that the site has switched servers, and that their old files arent on my new server.

They did not remove the links to the files, most of which are image files. How do I make it so that even if they use <img> to link to an image which is not there, a generic image will be displayed in place? Is this possible?

I have full control over this server.
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Hmmm - there's probably a lot of solutions.

The first one that comes to mind would be to write a 404 page so that if they come to a page that isn't defined, you can give them the sitemap or some other indication that the navigation has changed.

If all the images on the old site were in a certain directory, you could change the name of the directory on the new server, and then use mod_rewrite to rewrite any requests to image files in that directory to be to a default image, I suspect!  I'm not a heavily talented mod-rewrite person;  perhaps someone else can fill in the details.
RewriteRule  ^/img/(.*)$   /img/replacement.gif  [L]
lifegaugeAuthor Commented:

I'm not quite sure where to put " RewriteRule  ^/img/(.*)$   /img/replacement.gif  [L]"
In your configuration file, in the Virtualhost section for your domain.  You may need to add as well:

RewriteEngine On

However, I would suggest changing the name of the directory entirely, like:

 RewriteRule  ^/img/(.*)$   /images/defaultgraphic.gif  [L]


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