The memory could not be "read" when open IE and windows explorer or click Windows update for Win 2000 Professional

The memory could not be "read" when open IE and windows explorer or click Windows update for Win 2000 Professional, 1st say The Instruction at "0x01d0fbe1" [or "0x0126fbe1" or "ox014efbe1" for click different (IE/Windows Explorer/Win update) ] referenced memory @ "0x00000000".

The problem occurs after I downloaded eAcceleration Virus/SpyWare free download, did a free scan, click activate, it asked for registration for $45, but I chose cancel, then the problem occured!
I was quite angry about the fact that it immediately caused the serious problem right after I refused to buy the software, I go ahead to uninstalled the free scan application as well, the problem persisted, and it took me whole day trying to resolve it and the problem still there. Besides the technical problem, if  indeed the problem was caused by a potential client's not willing to buy and sent some virus kind to give trouble to user's computer, the company's deed is similar to kidnap. You guys might want to monitor to see if it's only pure accidental or many others' similar complains.

I saw similar issues in the past question, but not sure if applys to my issues for IE/Win explorer/Win update, and start/setting/control panel, etc. as well.

Right now, I really hope the problem could be resolved so that I could work on the computer MOnday!

Your earliest attention is highly appreciated.

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Henry1666Author Commented:
Remark: This is my 1st question, I'm not sure about score could be some value in between or only select one of ..., 250, 500 (jump big). Also it appears some similar question before, otherwise, it should be 500. Site moderator may suggests the guideline of score assignment.

Also some application still works, such as Win word, TCnet, etc. - not all application dead.

Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
Ok well looks as though its no more that a problem with the softaware installed which was referencing towards the memeory address.  Just to be cautious I would set a disk defragmeny going...
Also run chkdsk /r  this will repair the erros on disk if any...
Also always keep pactched up to patches on windows  SP4... etc..
You can also issues memory test from or

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After checking the disk, memory and your patch level, see if the eAcceleration Virus/SpyWare left any bits of itself behind.

Start -> run... and type msconfig
go to the startup tab and uncheck any entries related to the Virus/Spyware checker
you will be prompted to reboot, and then you'll need to check off a prompt when the system comes back on so that it doesn't notify you that you're running a selective startup every time

if you still get the error after uninstalling the components and making sure that it isn't loading, then you may need to recreate your profile. You can do this by logging in as the administrator and renaming your profile (in this example your account is 'username') in the "c:\documents and settings" directory from username to username.sav, then logging out and in as your username account. Of course, you'll want to copy favorites, desktop and my documents from the username.sav profile to the username profile that is created when you log in again.
Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
So how did you fix the problem... Please post ur solution.. Thnxs for the points..
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