Broadcom 5751FX (embedded) DOS boot w/ network support

Dell recently moved from the GX270 desktop to the GX280 - effectively introducing a slew of new hardware variables. Among the numerous changes encapusalted with this shift, a new Broadcom network chipset was introduced.  Unfortunately, this change has rendered all my Dell specific bootable USB keys, floppy disks and CDs useless.  I am somewhere between a novice and semi-skilled tech when it comes to building simple NDIS based driver packages for DOS, but this thing has be stumped.  Using the OEM Dell provided driver and the MFG provided driver I have failed to create a bootable disk/key that allows the net server service to start (I need to be able to mount UNC shares from DOS).

If anyone successfully created a simple network enabled boot disk that loads the BC 5751FX NDIS drivers (the one found in Dell's GX280 and some select HP's now too) for this card, could they please share with me how I could recreate this?

Since this is an extremely urgent matter and I believe the technical level is beyond a quick google search, I'm maxing out this question's value.  Until it is resolved I am stuck with imaging my customers systems off boot CDs and not with Ghost.
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You will have to use NDIS drivers for DOS along with the NIC. Sience DOS is not a PnP OS, you will have to ether configure your NICs hardware address and irq or there is any software might just do that. What NIC do you have? can you tell?

A good source for NDIS drivers:

Good luck


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jeremiahjAuthor Commented:
Not to sound like a jerk, but my question remains untouched.  I know I need to use NDS drivers for the card.  I know I have to config it for its hardware id, irq, etc.  I have tried using the generic method suggested on the braodcom page, without success (obviously).

I am looking for someone to show me what they did so that I can recreate it with success.  Provided their solution actually works, I'm good for 500 points and my undying love and efection.
jeremiahjAuthor Commented:
Going to ask again using differnt terms.  It appears this thread as totally died, I expected more from EE!

: /

Thanks for at least responding Cyber-Dude!  Hopefully asking the question differently will net me the results I need.
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jeremiahjAuthor Commented:
owned by lack of spell check
Too bad.  Im having the same problem.

The machine posts and then starts the ghost boot up and just restarts.
I'm having the same problem also.

I got the latest B57.DOS driver from Broadcom.

I've got a CD almost working.  But the error I'm getting is

PRO0003E: PROTOCOL.INI file open failure.

This may just be a path problem, althought I had already set the path to the
file.  This is so frustraing.

Also, for a while I was trying to get the boot device on a USB memory key, but
I've found that the GX-280 won't boot from a USB device except from a powered-down condition;  it won't boot from a USB device on a re-start.  This is a hassle.

Someone out there must have an IP boot CD that works on a GX-280.
Im able to get into ghost just fine, but i can't do anything over the network.  It won't load the NIc drivers no matter what I do.

What the hell does Dell do to their computers?  The GX270 was the same way.
jeremiahjAuthor Commented:
I hate you Dell. (Ok, maybe it's Broadcom I should hate actually)

I now have a backlog of over 500 GX280's that will have to be imaged from DVD instead of Ghost via UNC.

Anyone crack the Broadcom 575x nut yet?

Please help!!!
Finally I have  achieved an IP boot.
I can email anyone an image of a template floppy, which, using Roxio, can then be made into a bootable CD.
Stephen Bach
Computer Systems Engineer
University of Virginia
jeremiahjAuthor Commented:
I do get farther along n the boot process than ever before...



The WORKSTATION service is not started.
IS it OK to start it? (Y/N)

<i choose Y>

Error 1: An internal error has occurred
Please hit me with the template seb2t.  
My e-mail is

could I have a copy also please.


I was able to get everything working.   Seb2t sent me his disk, but all I could get that to do was initialize the network card, nothing further.  

So I looked up the driver he was using and made a boot disk with that.  I haven’t had a problem with it since.

Im on ghost 8.0, but for the people using 7.5, the GX280 uses the serial ATA so you will need the correct switch for it.  I believe its
Also need a copy of the boot disk image.  Thanks.
Thank God for drdingo21

I downloaded the driver and all is well once again in my head.

I killed a couple of days on this one.  Eventually forked out for the EE membership.  I am glad it payed off.
jeremiahjAuthor Commented:
drdingo can u make a winimage of the disk u have thats working so i can try it?

i have yet to initialize the nic properly or map a drive in dos...
jeremiahjAuthor Commented:
srry: please e-mail a copy of winimage to
You can download multicast boot disk image for Ghost 8.0 for the Dell GX280 (broadcom 57xx driver) here

Image was created with winimage 4

Image is for peer to peer or multicast ghosting.

Note, this image DOES NOT include the ghost program.

Does anyone else have this available for download?
Sorry that URL was wrong. It is HTTP not FTP.
KthapaInformation System Technologist IICommented:
Where is second set of disk
I had the same problem with my boot disk when getting these new gx280's.  I use for on site re-imaging and ghost-cast for the other 800 or so.  I had to download the NIC driver from Dell which included the NDIS and edit the cab file that was using for this series of NICs but I finally got it to work just fine.  I was able to browse the network just fine, hurdle #1 cleared.  Then when I would try to run ghost or use the ghost-cast STACKS error using ghost 7.5.  After a bit more research and seeing drdingo21's post using the -fni switch takes care of the problem.  Thanks for your help guys.
KthapaInformation System Technologist IICommented:
I download the file from site. the download creats the first set of boot disk.  Where can I download the second set of disk.
Any help or advice will be very helpful.
thank you,
Sorry, I cannot legally post the second disk.  That disk contains the ghost application itself.  Use the second disk created from ANY ghost boot wizard NIC driver set.

Or create your own using your version of ghost:

It's format is simply:

Please Note: if wattcp.cfg is missing the client attempts DHCP configuration.  Also, the autoexec file is exactly the same as on disk 1.

The wattcp.cfg contents are:
IP =

The autoexec contents are:
@echo off
SET TZ=GHO+06:00
prompt $p$g
echo Loading...
if %config% == FROMFLPY goto FLPYBOOT
if %config% == FROMCD goto CDBOOT


echo Insert Ghost boot disk 2 (containing Ghost.exe)
if exist a:\ghost\ghost.exe goto GHOSTFND

echo Insert Ghost boot disk 2 (containing Ghost.exe)
echo To run Ghost.exe from a hard disk or CD, press Ctrl-C at the following prompt
echo then change to the appropriate drive letter and type 'Ghost'
if not exist b:\ghost\ghost.exe goto CDBOOT

cd \ghost
echo Loading...
goto END

echo Unknown boot menu selection
goto END


KthapaInformation System Technologist IICommented:
Thank you! I am able to boot using your instructions. Now the mice and keyboard don’t work after I rebooted the pc with boot disks. Do I need to change any think on the BIOS or do I need to change any configuration for the USB keyboard and mice.
If BIOS doesn't handle the USB devices directly you will have to load one or both of the ghost USB drivers. (Uhci.exe and Ohci.exe)

Note: On my Dell 280's I was able to get the keyboard recognized using BIOS only.  I didn't bother with the mouse.  Also note that I was unable to get the keyboard recognized if it was plugged into a KVM or USB Hub.  It only worked plugged in directly.

I'm really beginning to hate USB only computers.

Check this link out for further instructions...
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