unable to open database

One of our sites running on 6.5 has a problem with new accounts.  They make the users - add them to the correct groups.  But when they try and open the client they get 'Unable to open database'

From my very slender knowledge of notes I'm thinking

1.  check that the groups are generating the correct ACLs on the mail files and
2.  try replacing the template (on my test 6.5 server I've got a mail6.ntf and mailbox.ntf - which ones should I replace).

I'm sure there's many other possibilities - appreciate quick response if possible I'm going to have to troubleshoot this tommorow.

Much TIA gurus
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
No replacement required at the moment.

> But when they try and open the client ...
How do "they" do that? How are the clients installed? Your nutshell is too thin...
Question is not clear.

I can able to understand only 'Unable to open database'

If you are having problem opening the database, try opening them with admin ID. That will help you pin down any rights issue.

One thing that can help you is, rebuild the index of your NAB. Issue the command

load updall -r names.nsf

from your server console. You should be fine.
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Try removing the users from the group and then readding them. Or try removing the group from the acl and readd them. Make the users restart their notes client  and try to access the notes database


If they can't START the notes client >>> check local machine permissions for the user account they are logged in under, particularly WinXP brings up lots of these issues - they need FULL access to the Notes directory

If they can start the client but can't open their MAIL FILE ON THE SERVER >>> check the ACL on the mail file & check they they have been listed with access. Check also for no access groups.

If they can start the client but can't open a DATABASE ON THE SERVER >>> Confirm they have been added to the correct group for the database. Adding a user to a group will give them access to the database the next time the server refreshes it's cache. They can wait overnight or you can issue the "l updall names.nsf -r" and get the user to restart their client, but beware that this will put extra load on your server while it is running.

GL :)

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Can you take this through a step by step?

1) Describe the new acocunt process -- is there more than one server involved, are they using Notes's bult-in facilities or an add-on to do registration?

2) Describe the user environment -- web browser, or Notes?  If Notes: preinstalled, user installs Notes, Notes pre-installs with/without user settings already in place (where it asks you for the ID) -- or is it a web browser?

3) User-side steps to create the problem -- what menu/command do they execute, what appears on screen (exact messages), what do they click, in what order?
ausadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys
Client says the problem's resolved and didn't give me any further info.  Other suggestions I got:

Busytime.nsf is able to be corrupted which may have caused this problem.

The following commands may solve this problem. On the live console type...

tell calconn q
tell sched q
dbcache flush

Go into domino data floder and delete busytime.nsf file.

Go back to live console and type:

load sched
load calconn

The busytime.nsf file should recreate itself and should be clean without any
(NB If you do not have a busytime.nsf run the same commands but use clubusy.nsf) Hope it helps...

Also a 4.x upgrade issue:
Reservations in Meeting Invites Are not Processed in Resource Reservations Database


ausadminAuthor Commented:
Whoops sorry all

My last post was actually about my question re resource reservations not showing up:

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