Wireless adapter has wrong IP and Subnet

I am trying to connect a friend’s computer to my home network. I have a linksys wireless router/4 port switch, with my own two desktops hooked up via cat5 and my laptop hooking up via wireless. These all work fine.
We have fitted a Netgear WG311 wireless PCI card to my friends PC and according to the network icon in the taskbar it is connected to my access point and says the signal strength is excellent. - however it is not hooked up and cannot browse the web.
By running ipconfig I can see the IP Address is and the Subnet mask is - which are both incorrect.
If I change the network connection from auto IP and give it a static ip which should work on my network - subnet gateway - then it still does not connect properly. but if I change my laptops settings to these - it connects fine.
When I boot up the pc in safe mode and check device manager, under network adapters there are 10 separate listings and if I try and uninstall any of them i get "Failed to uninstall device. The device may be required to boot up the computer".
I have now tried a repair using the XP cd incase that might fix the offending setting but that didn't do anything.
Even though the PC thinks it is connected - my router's DHCP clients list does not show it as connected.
I have even taken out the wifi card and fitted it to my other half's pc and it hooked up straight away.
There must be something on my friends pc that is stopping it connecting properly, but I just cannot find out what it is
Can anyone help?
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i had the same problem and this was caused by the wrong encryption type. read the fuc... manual...

take the 26 hex digits encryption and configure these key in you card, too.
sp0ttaAuthor Commented:
Encryption is not enabled at present

'I have even taken out the wifi card and fitted it to my other half's pc and it hooked up straight away.'

I run a largish LAN party twice a month - I'm quite used to setting up extra pc's on my network - but have never had this problem.

I would start off by repairing the IP stack on this computer.  It sounds like that's where the problem is.  Check out this website for a utility to perform this fix:

This website is the product of another EE member.  It is a great resource!  The full web address is http://www.doverproductions.com/

If that doesn't work, what happens if you connect the computer through a cat5 wired connection?  Does it still have problems?  Have you tried downloading the latest driver for the wireless PCI card from the manufacturer's website?

Last thing to check, are you doing MAC address filtering on your wireless router?  Check to make sure you are not.  If you have MAC filtering set up, you will get "connected", but you won't get an IP address.  Either turn off MAC filtering or add the MAC address of this wireless network card to the list.


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sp0ttaAuthor Commented:
That's a little utility that I will be keeping handy.
Nice one.

So I take it that utility did the trick?  I'm glad I could help out!

sp0ttaAuthor Commented:
It certainly did - much better answer than rtfm - which I always do!!!!!

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